What is revising an essay mean


These activities are a part of "proofreading," which should be the last thing you do before you hand in your essay. In contrast, revising means taking your essay in hand and "seeing" it again re-vision. It means finding the vague phrases, the awkward and indistinct sentences, the rambling, discontinuous paragraphs and rewriting them in order to express clearly what you want to say. So, first of all, you must get clear about what you want to say.

Then reviding it over. Note that if you can't recall anything, your essay probably won't impress others. Do you remember what the "controlling idea" or "purpose" or "thesis" of the essay is without having to look? Read article you come to the end of each paragraph, write down in journal what you believe the paragraph contributes to the essay.

Repeat for every paragraph.

If you can't find a particular point the paragraph makes in support of the main idea behind the essay, admit this in writing, for these are the paragraphs that need revising and rewriting the most. If so, write down your modified version and make sure you feel confident that this is what you really want to say or do in the essay. In other words, this is what go here really want to show us or argue for.

For example, ask yourself why paragraph three comes before four? Are you contrasting two things, and, if so, did you flag paragraph four with a transition "signal word" however, yet, in contrast, etc. Or are you continuing to discuss the ideas of paragraph three, in which case, you could also use appropriate signal words moreover, furthermore, etc. Note that this process also applies to transitions between sentences. If so, what kind and where could you place it? Did the essay contain purposeless examples, pointless illustrations, or vague bits of useless information relative to the main idea or thesis?

What essay is mean revising an assignment

Does it really support your point or advance your argument? Is every word needed? Could a paraphrase in your own words and with proper citation suffice? Have you incorporated the quotation into your own text smoothly and clearly? Begin at the beginning and work your way through the essay asking yourself if every sentence is clear and distinct see RHH, ch. Do the sentences seem too simple and choppy like an old-fashioned telegram?

Do they lack variation in length and emphasis? If so, can you see ways to construct compound sentences through subordination, parallelism, series, interruptions, delays, etc.

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Look for any redundant details or unexplained points. Make sure proper names are used consistently. Does revislng convey the meaning you are trying to express in a clear and lively way. Remember that compared to pompous, Latinized source, simple, Anglo-Saxon verbs often have the benefit of concreteness--we can visualize the action in our mind's eye e.

What is revising an essay mean

And yet, make sure your sentences don't overuse the forms of the verb "to be. Now go through this same process for each paragraph. Very short essays usually don't require an explicit restatement of the thesis or detailed summary of the points made, especially if the thesis revjsing clear and specific and well-supported. In longer essays, you'll want to gently remind your reader what the main focus has been in a non-boring way. Perhaps stylish flair is possible by ending with the same image with which you began the essay. In any case, it's best to avoid merely repeating your thesis in the very same words.

Avoid beginning a completely new topic, however.

  • If your first draft is handwritten, type it out.
  • Alternatively, read your paper aloud and try to hear it from the point of view of your reader.
  • Random House, A Form of Self-Forgiveness "I like to think of revision as a form of self-forgiveness:

The genuine beginning is not the first paragraph but the title. Is it truly meaningful in that it says something about what's in this essay and what's your purpose in writing it. Titles form the first impression your reader has of your essay; why not make it attractive and seductive and inviting? Better yet, have someone read it to you. Can you and your friend follow the train of thought developed here without a puzzled-face or interrupting "huh?

If not, note where these what is revising an essay mean and revisit it once again.

Then proofread it--several times. You don't have to proofread all of it at once.

The purpose or revision is to ask questions, expanding ideas and challenging arguments which require discussion between the writer and the reader. Consult the handout on Essay Evaluation Standards, as well as the RHH's handy "Checklist for Revision" in the inside front cover. Does your introduction state clearly what you intend to whatt In the first case you must write a new fragment and insert it so that its beginning and end fit what precedes and follows.

Perhaps do the opening and closing paragraphs by themselves. Later do the main body. Still later, do the transitions between introduction and body and conclusion and body. Alternatively, read the entire essay several times, looking for one specific problem each time--e. Professional proofreaders humans, not computer programs proofread backwards to ferret out those pesky misspelled words we always miss when we read it the usual way.

Give yourself plenty of time to make certain that the ribbon is creating dark type and that your computer printer is acting properly e. Consult the handout on Essay Evaluation Standards, as well as the RHH's handy "Checklist for Revision" in the inside wssay cover. At the end of your essay, briefly acknowledge those who have helped you with the writing process i.

What is revising an essay mean

reising You are now a writer in an academic community and should realize that you, your peers, and your instructors should be committed to helping one another in all phases of the writing process. A gracious thank you or informal acknowledgment note at the end of your work is a common courtesy and convention see below.

Back to top STEP 2: Careful editing is critical to a polished, well written paper. I work and fiddle and keep working and fiddling, and I only stop at the deadline. Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it may not here the citation style you are using. Heinemann, Two Kinds of Rewriting "[T]here are at least two kinds of rewriting.

Later we will learn how to cite authorities through proper documentation formats. Then treat yourself to an ice cream or a movie--you deserve it! I would like to thank all of those instructors I had as an undergraduate and graduate student who took the time and effort to critically evaluate my writing, especially my dissertation director, Professor Christopher Hamlin.

I would also like to thank my colleagues on the Lyman Briggs Writing Pedagogy Group for many of the ideas presented here, especially Professor Robert Shelton.


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