Good things to write a story about


Get some new ideas today with these diverse and engaging short story ideas. Feel free to add some romance to a supernatural story, or frame a family tale in a historical or dystopian setting. The key to using these short story ideas is an open, flexible mind. Use these prompts as source, and then follow your inspiration.

The first half of these short story ideas are general categories — Humor, Family, Power, Plot Twist — while the second half offers story ideas in specific genres — Fantasy, Horror, Dystopian, Crime, Sci-Fi, Romance. Humor Substitute teachers are sick of not being taken seriously, so they form a secret society: Make as many crossovers between fashion and bird life as possible.

An Elvis impersonator books a concert that is so good, people believe the real Elvis has come back to life. Next thing he knows, he is the leader of a superstitious Elvis cult. After a religious cult takes over the government, caffeine is outlawed. Tell the story of a brave and coffee-loving family who opens a CaffeineSpeakeasy. Everyone confuses Fabio the Frog for a toad because of his warts. Tired of working as a corporate robot, Gerald uses all of his sick days to spend a week alone hiking in the Appalachian Mountains.

  • It was both a relief and a loss as I felt the raw emotions drain away.
  • There must be an ending for me, more than this dark realm.
  • Every since that Dreadful night Clark, the night his dad was killed, he has hated the snow.

A shy web designer thinks he has found the man of his dreams online. It turns out he is being catfished by the member of a competing company who is probing him for information.

Good things to write a story about

Before she knows it, these undercover mob members kidnap her as part of an international conspiracy theory. Halfway across the world and alone, how can she escape and uncover the truth? An American actor is cast as the star of a movie about a multi-lingual travel agent. Want to learn how to create mesmerizing, addicting characters? Create Complex Characters The Art of Minor Characters Dialogue Superpowers: Does he keep looking or go home? An unlikely friendship between the 6-year-old sons of feuding parents leads to an unexpected and tense reunion at a playdate.

What conversations unfold over the next 12 hours, and do they keep in touch, or go their separate ways forever? A set of year-old identical twins have gotten away with switching places in class since one is good at math and the other is good at English.

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What do their families do to keep them apart? A famous gymnast is under fire for using performance-enhancing steroids. A young television actor is hailed as one of the best of his time. Jenna is backstage at graduation about to make her valedictorian speech when she hears a gunshot in the crowd. Write an account of the next 10 minutes from her perspective. An elderly couple keeps all story their money at home between the pages of their books. How does she decide between the promotion that will help her send her kids to college and saving the arts programs she loves so much?

A successful lawyer knows that his client is guilty of murder, but he can easily lie and win the case, which is getting significant media coverage and would surely guarantee that he would be made a partner at his firm. But when a competing realtor starts stealing all of her clients, she has to fight back in unusual ways to keep her business alive.

Need feedback on your writing? Learn more now … Supernatural On his 16th birthday, Christopher miraculously survives a head-on car crash without a scratch. A week later here he scrapes his knee playing basketball, it heals within minutes. Where did this power come from, and what can he do with it? However, when the local police force who relies on superhero power fails to catch a murderer, her down-to-earth perspective ends up being good things key to solving the crime.

After his concussion, Jamal Winston finds he has no control over recurring and vivid dream of his accident. However, while awake, he is able to project images in his mind into the room and change the world around him.

I see why it's a bestseller. After all, he thought, what was life without these? I was telling everybody on my way back that I was going to get bicycle, since I stood first in class. Before she knows it, these undercover mob members kidnap her as part of an international conspiracy theory. Your character's dream is to be a professional dancer. Good things to write a story about sat down on tk bum like a baffled toddler. Your character goes out for dinner on a date and becomes attracted to the waiter or waitress But when they meet up, he realizes they have no connection.

Too bad the doctors think it is all in his head, and continuously sedate him. Can he fight the power of a medically induced coma? What happens when technology gives animals the power to speak?

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But when they meet up, he realizes they have no connection. How to they keep their love alive under the watchful eyes of their judgmental community? Two painters have been married for 5 years. This short love story between an asexual boy and girl will contain three distinct scenes: A seemingly ordinary horse is visited by a mystical presence that promises to make her a unicorn, but she must face the dangers of escaping her stable if she wants access to this new and mysterious world.

How will humanity decide who gets to be a passenger? A pet store with an overflow of cats sells them at a very low price. See more should have access to this technology? Before they have time to decide, someone has hacked into their computer system and stolen it. When a disease similar to chicken pox breaks out in a local preschool, it leads to a quarantine. Though it seems harmless at first, it turns out that its symptoms include violent outbreaks that cause the children to break loose and terrorize the town.

No one is immune, except Margaret Bradshaw. The Smithsonian Slasher has caused panic throughout DC.

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Must have been something he ate yesterday. In another story, they meet on a bus and her broach gets stuck on his coat. Choose seven or eight short thinngs ideas to good things to write a story about started. I have more ideas now than I could ever write up. In a the darker half of this world, her nickname was not much different. See More Don't really care for any of these, but I like the three concepts idea. Short Story Ideas With that in mind, why not use these ten short story ideas to write your first ten stories, one per week, over the next ten weeks? Simple did not mean without risk, but in this case the desired reward would be sufficient compensation for the risk. The hissing and flapping increased in volume, projected into the open air by the narrow chimney, until it became unbearable to listen to.

A shoplifting dare turns into a case of mistaken identity, and next thing she knows, college junior Amanda is on trial for good things to write a story about. Officer Turner is three years sober and dedicated to getting his life back on track. That is, until he is called to the scene of what he thought was a theft, but turns out to be a high-profile drug bust.

What happens when a set of identical twin men commit countless murders that they plan together, but continuously use each other as an alibi? Instead, she sets out to escape across the border with her husband. When California breaks off of North America and declares independence, it sparks the second US Civil War.

A child moves into a new house and finds out that the other kids in town think it's haunted. Your character is trying to get rid of him just as storm warning sirens go off. I curled around the reopened wound, feeling the unreleased cry of pain inside of me. What does your character do? I think this is more the premise of a collection now… Oh well.

It turns out the iPhone 26 has been hacked and can be remotely detonated. An elementary-aged child has a unique talent for understanding animals, so much so that they end up helping out trainers, veterinarians, and wildlife researchers. Work in some animal facts!

After Rosa Parks is arrested for sitting in the white section of the bus, a wgite of Civil Rights Activists of all races come together to start a nonprofit bus business. Who was Abraham Lincoln without his famous top hat? Write an account of its transformations through the years, paralleling its life with that of the 16th US President. I hope these short story ideas have generated some good stories for you! Leave a note in the comments if a particular short story writing prompt worked well for you.


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