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Are You Ready for Some Fantasy Football. Or one with gritty realism. A novel wrld has had an immense social impact. Or one that has more subtly affected the world. Here is a list of 12 novels that, tye various reasons, have been considered some of the greatest works of literature ever written. Anna Karenina Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Written by Russian novelist Leo Tolstoythe eight-part towering work of fiction tells the story of thd major characters: Tolstoy molds together thoughtful discussions on love, pain, and family in Russian society with a sizable cast of characters regarded for their realistic humanity.

The novel was especially revolutionary in its treatment of women, depicting prejudices and social hardships of the time with vivid emotion. Its iconic characters, most notably the sympathetic and just lawyer and father The Finch, served as role models and changed perspectives in the United States at a time when bfst regarding race were high.

To Kill a Mockingbird earned the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in and was made source an Academy Award-winning film ingiving the story and its characters further life and influence over the American social sphere. The Great Gatsby Public Domain F. The novel is told from the perspective of a young man named Nick Carraway who best novel writers in the world recently moved to New York City and is befriended by his eccentric nouveau riche neighbor with qriters origins, Jay Gatsby.

In fantastical form, the novel explores the genre of magic realism by emphasizing the extraordinary nature of commonplace things while mystical things are shown to be common. A Passage to India BBC Hulton Picture Library E. Forster wrote his novel A Passage to India after multiple trips to the country throughout his early life.

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It's up to him and the half-dozen other writers in this room to solve their story problem. As he drapes himself across a couch in this windowless room on the CBS Radford lot in Studio City, Calif. A "Rock Band" drum set is in one corner of the room, and half-eaten food lies scattered across the table, which is also strewn with white and purple note cards. Executive producer Michael Schur It's The white ones are usually Leslie Knope's Amy Poehler's story lines.

If it's an episode that involves a lot of intermingling, other characters' stories will be on more info colored cards. Today, that color is purple and it belongs to an as-yet-named mystery couple whose TV romance will be short-lived. The goal is for these cards the writers room parks and recreation join the other note cards that snake around the room in multicolor stripes, pinned to corkboards. When the snake has a head, midsection and tail, one writer will attempt to turn it into a script.

Co-creator Greg Daniels But there's still no tail in sight. Schur isn't five words closer to tearing the lovebirds apart. Dan Goor, another writer whose bubbly enthusiasm rivals that of Knope's, looks vexed and pumps a plastic Nerf gun toward the ceiling. That's a question Schur and co-creator Greg Daniels, "The Office" have been asking, and answering, with quirky gusto during the past year. Under their watchful eyes, the mockumentary-style comedy about small-town bureaucracy in Pawnee, Ind. An average of about 4 million viewers, and a 1. Emily Spivey Fans can thank a top-notch writing pedigree for greasing "Parks and Rec's" wheels.

The team's collective resume includes gigs writing for "Late Night With Conan O'Brien," "Saturday Night Live," "The Sarah Silverman Program," "Hung," "Mad TV," "King of the Hill," "The Office," "South Park," "The Daily Show" and "Human Giant. Dan Goor Without anyone inquiring, Goor will proffer the nutritional info of his microwaved sweet potato; dapper Alan Yang will share stories of his late-night escapades as a single guy; and petite Katie Dippold will blurt out-of-nowhere prognostications like "There's going to be an earthquake tonight," earning her the title of "the weirdest person in the room" by her fellow scribes.

This is nearly the same team that penned Season 1, even though Season 2 feels so much sharper, a shift Schur and Daniels attribute to a writing hiatus -- a luxury they did not enjoy between the pilot and the first five episodes -- because of Poehler's pregnancy. This time, they won't be so lucky: After delivering 24 episodes for Season 2, Schur has sent his team straight into Season 3 to work around Poehler's second pregnancy.

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The KidREACH Contributor will submit advice learning tips, recommendations, lessons learned, ideas, etc. Submissions will typically be in the form of a short article that may range in length from a couple paragraphs to click page or more, depending on the topic. The primary audience will be afterschool program leaders, staff, and volunteers who work directly with elementary school-age children. Many volunteer tutors and mentors are passionate about working with children, but do not have the background education, knowledge, or experience to know how to effectively help a child advance academically or behaviorally.

Contributors great writers of the world vision be provided suggested writing topics, including subject matter requested by tutors and mentors. World Vision will review and edit submissions for content and grammar. Provide relevant, creative, realistic, and useful advice and resources for afterschool program leaders, staff, and volunteers to be better equipped to help children achieve academically and succeed great writers of the world vision life.

Responsibilities, Tasks and Commitment: Share expertise in elementary school-age education, life skills, or childhood development by writing short articles. World Vision requests a minimum of one written submission per month. World Vision requests a minimum commitment of one year.

At least five years of experience working directly with elementary school-age children as a teacher, counselor, or caring adult. Expertise and passion for a particular academic discipline or area of childhood development. A heart for children. A love for learning. A creative and innovative way of thinking. Upon acceptance of the assignment, a KidREACH Contributor will participate in a one-hour onboarding virtual training. Ongoing training and support will be available upon request. Gain exposure for your work through World Vision's growing educator network.

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Friday 23 February The relevant passage with the restored line should have read: Writers sit] very uneasily under national rubrics. What makes a great writer. Philosophical depth, quality of writing, range, ability to move between registers, and the power to influence other writers and the age in which we live.

Amis is a wonderful writer and incredibly influential. Whatever people feel about his work, they must surely be impressed by its ambition and concentration. But in terms of calling him a "great" writer, let's look again in 20 years. It would be invidious for me to choose one name, but Harold Pinter, VS Naipaul, Doris Lessing, Michael Longley, John Berger and Tom Stoppard would all be in the frame.

AS Byatt Novelist Greatness lies in either or both saying something that nobody has said before, or saying it in a way that no one has said it. You need to be able to do something with the English language that no one else does. A great writer tells you something that appears to you to be new, but then you realise that you always knew it.

Great writing should make you rethink the world, not reflect current reality. Amis writes wonderful sentences, but he writes too many wonderful sentences one after another. I met a taxi driver the other day who thought that. Kazuo Ishiguro is more important if you look at that generation, and Lawrence Norfolk has the makings of greatness - for him, a book must be a whole universe.

But in truth it is far too early really to be making these pronouncements. In the 60s, I would have confidently said William Golding, Iris Murdoch and Muriel Spark were the major writers, but now I hear it argued that Penelope Fitzgerald was the greatest writer of her generation, and I am coming round to thinking that was true. Yet we didn't think it at the time.

She was very quiet, so we didn't see how important she was. Natasha Walter Critic It is not ridiculous to talk of Amis as a great writer.

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Here is the list in no particular order. ABIMBOLA DARE 35 — Faith-based writer. She later moved to the UK for her first degree and Masters. The Small print has touched many dissertaation she was nominated as the Faith Based writer at the Nigerian Writers Awards ABUBA KAR ADAM IBRAHIM 37 - Novelist Abubakar Adam Ibrahim born is an award winning Nigerian writer and journalist who shook Northern Nigeria with his debut novel Season of Crimson Blossoms which explores a steaming love affair between an older woman and a y oung rebel warrior.

ADAEZE IBECHUKWU- Literary Blogger Adaeze Maureen Osuizugbe is a prolific writer, blogger and author, curator of www. Popularly known as Adaeze Ibechukwu, she discovered her creative genius in writing at the tender age of seven and wrote her first two short stories at the age of nine. She graduated from the prestigious University of Benin.

Adaeze won the Short Story writer of the year at the Nigerian Writers Awards. ADAOBI TRICIA NWAUBANI 40 -Author, I do not come by chance. The first contemporary African writer on the global stage to have got an international book deal while still living in her home country. She has won several awards which includes: ADEKUNLE GOLD- Song Writer Adekunle Kosoko, popularly known by his stage name Adekunle Gold, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and graphic designer. He was born into a royal family in Lagos State, Nigeria.

He holds a Higher National Diploma in Arts and Design after graduating from Lagos State Polytechnic. Adekunle describes his genre of music as urban highlife. AINEHI EDORO- Literary blogger. She is the editor of Brittle Paper, a literary blog for fans of African literature.

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Teh Contenders 11 Leo Tolstoy Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, usually referred to in English as Leo Tolstoy, was a Russian writer who is regarded as one of the wotld authors of all time. They are all amazing. All his books carry powerful messages and the meaning of life. Shame that many young readers flock to J. K Rowling as well as all the other modern writers, neglecting more deeper, focused philosophical writings such as Tolstoy. The words in Tolstoy's novels stay with you for months lingering in your head.

They reveal more insight into even the most basic human interactions, why people do what they do and what they are thinking. Very ashamed to see that he is so low on this list, particularly as War and Peace has been hailed as the greatest novel of all time. Without a doubt leo tolstoy is the greatest, the greatest writer ever lived. Read 12 Mark Twain Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by wrjters pen name Mark Twain, was an American author and humorist.

He is the first modern writer of this fair country; humorist extraordinaire he helped define the American wit and wisdom. I may go read it again later, now that I think about it. He wrote the most highly anthologized book in the history of the U. His grasp of irony and dialect was, and still is, astounding. Their are very few people in this country who do not recognize his name. I believe that he should be ranked 1. This needs to be based on something other than who your writing hero is or who's writing you enjoy the most. It should be based on historical impact.

I love his adventures of tom sawyer it's beautiful, fantastic.. V 14 Comments 13 William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language ij the world's pre-eminent dramatist. Believe me, as of right now, Stephen King is one of the best authors of all time, and his novels have impacted me.

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He eventually leaked a minute-long demo of the song and also described it as "the best damn song. The song was recorded at the Jungle City Studios in New York City. American producer Kuk Harrell provided the vocal recording and vocal production of the song. Blake Mares was responsible for additional recording, while Brendan Morawski was the recording assistant. The mixing of the single was done by Manny Marroquin at the Larrabee Studios in North Hollywood ; Chris Galland and Ike Schultz served as the mixing assistants.

Rohanna played the guitar and Chris Gehringer mastered it at ln Sterling Sound Studios in New York City. Holz of Plugged In also noted that the song has themes of sex. Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone called it "the album's most direct pop moment by far," describing it as a "shimmering, funky" track. Instead of washing those feelings in huge productions, everything is stripped down to its emotional core.

Its debut was driven primarily by streaming 73 percent of its chart pointswhich saw a 31 writefs to 4. It also opened at number thirty-six on the US Pop Songsmarking Rihanna's record-extending 43rd entry. Though it was the promotional focus at pop radio, "Kiss It Better" reached as far as number twenty-four on the Pop Songs chart, leading Def Jam Recordings to release "Needed Me" - an initially "urban radio priority" - to pop radio as well, due to its success.

A week later, the song descended to number sixty, before moving to number fifty-seven. After two weeks fluctuating on the charts, the song managed to move to number forty-six, which became its peak position. It later remained seven further weeks on the chart. It is very intimate in this sense and we wanted it to be about a very personal moment—both a physical journey through an abstract space and an inner reflection at the same time. In fact, Rihanna is the entire video -- there's no backdrop at all.

Dice riganna such a graphic and surrealistic object so it came into play. The performance was supposed to feature a s talk-show theme where the singer was to be joined by television host James Corden. According to Jon Blistein he delivered a "faithful, rousing rendition of the track while grinding and dancing around the stage"..