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Best writers in the world today

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There is thd other kind of authors, the prolific writers who, year after year, even decade after decades remain Bestsellers without tiring their audience. In our capitalist worldthe best criteria to access is to see the sales figureswhich even exceed the one billion mark in each of following individual cases. Here they are -the 10 most successful authors — each with an exemplary work. Top 10 Most Successful Authors in The World: Dan Brown Sacrilege Best-selling author. If only it were really that easy to become one of the most widely read authors in the world.

The American author Dan Brown has yet to have a secret. Before his success, he taught English and was an unsuccessful singer and composer. Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express She is the queen of mystery stories. Christie has established several books worth hhe of dollars. The train is stuck on tracks in the snowno one can escape and yet, the killer does not seem to be on board. Agatha Christie dominates the classical means of the crime genre perfectly. According to some sources, her works sold to date approximately four billion times, making it one of the most successful authors of literary history.

Paulo Coelho Manual of the Warrior of Light Paulo Coelho writes wisdom for everyone and every purpose. The tovay Brazilian is a master of light style. He rolls neither complicated theories nor build conquerable castle of thoughts. He aims straight for the heart of his readers and he seems bst take forever. It is a kind of guide, consisting of short, meaningful stories and thoughts. Coelho encourages people to persist in his spiritual search for meaning. Coelho is enthusiastic about the Internet and for a long time and supports the free download of his books. His this step has even boosted the sale of his books more.

Ken Follett Fall of Giants Ken Follett studied philosophy and worked in the s as a journalist wofld then in a publishing house. Because the British did not complete this work, he began to write. The author spreads the panorama of a sinking continent of Europe on the brink of the First World War. The fates of an English domestic worker, two Russian brothers and an Anglo-German couple.

He intersects them with each other and with the major historical events.

The most popular british writers topic

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The once struggling single mum has earned the contents of Gringotts Wizarding bank by captivating the pkpular with Harry's tales of derring-do and magical near-misses. Her first book for adults, The Casual Vacancy, is out on Thursday. More than 30 million copies of her books have been sold in Britain alone and several, including Tracy Beaker, have the most popular british writers topic adapted for film and television.

Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife briitish The Amber Spyglass have been turned into a National Theatre production and Hollywood film adaptation starring Nicole Kidman. From Fantastic Mr Fox to Matilda and the BFG, filmmakers and animators are still drawing from the humungous vat of material he created. Every year Roald Dahl day is celebrated on 13 September, the author's birthday, in honour of the Welsh-born novelist of Norwegian parentage who died in It is the conclusion to a fantasy set in Alderley Edge which began when J.

Tolkien's Lord of the Rings was still new. His continue reading fanbase might be rather grown up by now, but writwrs can bet they'll read Boneland and pass the series onto their children and grandchildren. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe and the other six Narnia books are probably better known to children today than the fables and classical stories Lewis drew on.

They source been made into popular television adaptations, Hollywood films and theatre productions. He has been criticised for dressing up Catholic allegory as children's fantasy. She wrote more than books in her 40 year career. Her work has been criticised for containing racist and sexist themes which reflected dated attitudes, and some libraries went so far as to ban her books, in particular those containing Golliwog characters. Milne, Winnie the Pooh Despite being a playwright and poet for many years before the success of his teddy bear character Winnie the Pooh, everything he did has been overshadowed by it since.

The tales of Christopher Robin, named after Milne's son, in the Hundred Acre Wood, have charmed young children since the s. He also wrote nonsense writes such as The Jabberwocky and The Hunting of the Snark. Alice's Adventures have been made into several Hollywood films and the original illustrations by John Tenniel are almost as recognisable as the stories.

The writer, illustrator and scientist, brought everyday animals to life for children by giving them clothes, names and characters. More than a hundred years later her stories are still in print across the world and have been adapted into plays, film, songs, ballets and radio. Getty Images The world's current kids' literature superstar J. K Rowling might be about to venture into adult fiction with driters publication of The Casual Vacancy on Thursday, but she still belongs to a canon of children's authors which includes C. S Lewis and Beatrix Potter..

Best writers in the world kuroshitsuji

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This is a personal request from one of my many readers and I hate to disappoint. So without further ado, here are the top 10 best moments in Kuroshitsuji, otherwise translated into Black Butler. The Undertaker Rewriting The Story Episode His Butler, Transfers One of the more enjoyable characters of the series is simply known as The Undertaker, who occasionally appears as a highly eccentric writets for Ciel Phantomhive.

His appearances are quite humorous, especially when regarding his services which always require a payment of a good joke which very few people are able to accomplish. He is quirky, over-the-top, and fun to be around. Having no way to get there in time, all seems hopeless until the story provides us with a deus ex machina in the form of The Undertaker, who is te to be one of the greatest Grim Reapers in history. Grabbing one of the Cinematic Record books used by the Reapers, the Undertaker wickedly begins to alter the story, writing Sebastian and the others into it to combat Angela.

Despite the lack of logic within this scene, it is actually quite a cool turn of wtiters, and only adds to the level of entertainment that the Undertaker provides. For that reason, this clocks in at Number Eventually finding his way back to the Phantomhive Estate, Ciel finds London lit up in flames because of his demon dog, Pluto, who had lost his mind due to the interference of Angela. Finding his servants there, Ciel has kuroshitskji brief moment of clarity, where he realizes that sacrifices must be made if any good is going to be achieved at all. For that reason, and for the way that it was competently staged, it comes in at Number 9.

His Butler, Escapes One of the more ambiguous characters of the show is Lau, a Chinese noblemen affiliated with Ciel Phantomhive who specializes in opium dealing. While he is a friend of the Phantomhive family is does provide some earnest comic relief within the show, his looks and highly mysterious words paint him to be a potentially dangerous character.

It was a good move on the part of the series, and well-deserving up the Number 8 slot. Sometimes in orchestral form, and other times in song form, all versions of the song consistently permeate throughout the show and provide a level of creepiness that only adds to the dark atmosphere of the show. Kuroshitsuij is actually quite frightening to hear this song in association with that, partially because of its simplicity and familiarity as a happy song meant for children. For all those reasons, it has secured the Number 7 slot.

Series Finale Episode His Butler, Swift One thing that Kuroshitsuji did right was to have a strong conclusion to tie everything at the end, and this is epitomized in the final scene of the last episode, in which the contract itself between Ciel and Sebastian is completed. Ciel does not feel regret however, even as they approach the end of their journey, at which Sebastian will inevitably eat his soul. Promising to make it as painless as possible, Sebastian is taken aback as Ciel requests for it to be as painful as possible, so that the pain of his lie can be carved into his soul. From there it fades to black and the series ends.

The famous writers in english literature

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William Shakespeare — English poet and playwright. Famous plays include Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Merchant of Venice and Hamlet. Shakespeare is widely considered the seminal writer of the English language. Jonathan Swift — Anglo-Irish writer born in Dublin. Swift was a prominent satirist, essayist and author.

Samuel Johnson — British author go here known for his compilation of the English dictionary. Although not the first attempt at a dictionary, it was widely considered to be the most comprehensive — setting the standard for later dictionaries. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe — German poet, playwright, and author. Notable works of Goethe include: Jane Austen — English author who wrote romantic fiction combined with social realism.

Sense and SensibilityPride and Prejudice and Emma Balzac was an influential realist writer who created characters of moral ambiguity — often based on his own real life examples. Alexandre Dumas — French author of historical dramas, including — The Count of Monte Cristoand The Three Musketeers Also prolific author of magazine articles, pamphlets and travel books. Victor Hugo — French author and poet.

Charles Dickens — — English writer and social critic. His best-known works include novels such as Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol. Charlotte Bronte — English novelist and poet, from Haworth. Henry David Thoreau — — American poet, writer and leading member of the Transcendentalist movement.

Emily Bronte — English novelist. Emily Bronte is best known for her novel Wuthering Heightsand her poetry. George Eliot — Pen name of Mary Ann Evans. Wrote novels, The Mill on the FlossSilas MarnerMiddlemarch —72and Daniel Deronda Leo Tolstoy — Russian novelist and moral philosopher. Famous works include the epic novels — War and Peace and Anna Karenina Tolstoy also became an influential philosopher with his brand of Christian pacificism. Fyodor Dostoevsky Russian novelist, journalist and philosopher. Notable works include Notes from Underground, Crime and Punishment and The Idiot Lewis Carroll Oxford mathematician and author.

Famous for Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and poems like The Snark.

Most famous writers of the renaissance

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Ov had been a stagnant, even backsliding kind of society re-invested in the promise of material and spiritual gain. There was the sincerely held belief that humanity was making progress towards a noble summit of perfect existence. How this rebirth — for Renaissance literally means rebirth — came to fruition is a matter of debate among historians. What cannot be debated is that humanity took an astounding leap forward after hundreds of years of drift.

Aristocratic landowners lost their hegemony over the lower classes, as opportunities for growth and enrichment renaissancd from the swelling urban centers. In Italy, for example, educated citizens rediscovered the grace and power of their classical, pagan traditions. Greek and Roman mythologies and philosophies served as the inspirational material for a new wave of artistic creation.

Several threads can be said to tie the entire European Renaissance together across the three centuries which it spanned. The steady rise of nationalism, coupled with the first flourishing of democracy, were traits common to the entire Continent. The first inklings of a middle class began to gain power in the cities, as trade and commerce became full enterprises in their own right. With the fear of contagion a distant bad memory, and people eager to get out of their homes and see more of the world, international and even global trade began to surge forward.

Along with products and wealth, ideas also spread from one nation to another. Fashions in Venice soon became the fashions in Paris and eventually London. The ideas these travelers brought back to their homelands would influence culture, government, literature and fashion for many years thereafter. Until the Renaissance, Britain was regarded as something of a wilderness, lacking culture and refinement. Even the English language was disdained. The preeminent English philosopher Thomas More published his Utopia in Latin, and a vernacular English translation did appear most famous writers of the renaissance decades afterward.

The single greatest innovation of the Renaissance era was the printing press, put into service around by Mosh Gutenberg. Tne greatest innovation was a means to rapidly produce movable typesets, meaning that new sheets of text could be set in place and printed with far less effort than had previously been the case. The revolutionized printing press allowed for the fast and relatively cheap reproduction of work.

Best poem writers in the world

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The 10 Greatest Poets: My List By Dean Rader on March 3, at 9: The hundreds of passionate, articulate, persuasive responses proves that Americans think and care deeply about poetry. A shockingly low number of responses perhaps three tried to make the claim that poetry is dead. Compiling my own list was an exercise in gleeful frustration.

It was so much fun to see all of these names on one piece of paper and to relive the pleasure of reading their poems. Like so many of you, I hated that only ten could make my list. I almost caved and went to Every name on my list was mentioned several times by readers. Saddest of course, are the names I had to leave off. Authors of some of my favorite poems did not make the cut.

But now, on to those who did: He is still, I believe, the best selling poet in the United States, and according to the BBC are they really experts on American poetry. As popular as he is in the West, his capital in the Arab world is even greater. It is impossible to overestimate his impact. But across the dozens of Rumi translations, his ability to compress remains singularly impressive. One of my favorite Rumi poems stands as an example: Praise God for these two insomnias. And the difference between them Something about his elegant simplicity speaks across centuries, religions, genders, and continents.

On your lists, Yeats and Wallace Stevens were the most frequent 20th century names, with T. Eliot a close third. If you have in your head lines or passages from a 20th century poet, it is likely from Yeats or Robert Frost. We know his lines without knowing we know his lines. Who has not read and not puzzled over this opening. Turning and turning in the widening article source The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.

Back inNational Public Radio did a funny story about a strange trend in American politics—quoting Yeats. Indeed, his ability to appeal to such a wide demographic over 70 years after his death is pretty amazing. Sure, he was sort of an odd dude.

List of top writers in the world

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Follow TIME Let's not mince words: Literature is list of top writers in the world realm of the ineffable and the unquantifiable; lists are the realm of menus and laundry and rotisserie baseball. There's something unseemly and promiscuous about all those letters and numbers jumbled together. Take it from me, a critic who has committed this particular sin many times over. But what if—just for argument's sake—you got insanely rigorous about it. You went to all the big-name authors in the world—Franzen, Mailer, Wallace, Wolfe, Chabon, Lethem, King, few sample of a good research paper ready them— and got each one to cough up a top list of the greatest books of all time.

We're talking ultimate-fighting-style here: Then you printed and collated all the lists, crunched the numbers together, and used them to create a definitive all-time Top Top 10 list. See the best novels of all time. Yes, it would probably still be an obscenity. But it would be a pretty interesting obscenity. And that's what we have in J. Peder Zane's The Top 10 Norton; pages.

Each individual top 10 list is like its own steeplechase through the international canon. Look at Michael Chabon's. He heads it up with Jorge Luis Borges's Labyrinths. He follows that up with by Pale Fire by Nabokov at 2. Does he really think it's better than Lolita. Then with number 3 he goes straight off the reservation: Scaramouche, by Rafael Sabatini. The whole exercise is an orgy of intellectual second-guessing, which as we all know is infinitely more fun than the first round of guessing.

There's plenty of canon fodder on the lists. But I'm more interested in the dark horses, the statistical outliers, which lay bare the secret fetishes and perversions more info the literati. Douglas Coupland puts Capote's unfinished Answered Prayers at number one, blowing right by Breakfast at Tiffany's and In Cold Blood, too.

Jonathan Franzen begins straight up the middle, with The Brothers Karamazov, but turns a sharp corner at 9 with The Man Who Loved Children by Christina Stead, and another at 10 with Independent People by Halldor Laxness. The quintessentially American Tom Wolfe starts by reeling off four French classics in a row. Norman Mailer revives John Dos Passos's out-of-fashion U. At times one reads in the knowledge that one is being messed with.