What is global warming long essay


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Temperature record of the past years A graph of temperatures over the past two thousand years from different proxy reconstructions. Climate change has happened many times this web page the history of the Earthincluding the coming and going of ice ages. For more recent centuries, we have more details.

What is global warming long essay

Since the s, people have recorded the daily temperature. By aboutthere were enough places measuring temperature so that scientists could know the global average temperature. From tothe temperature got whwt. From tothe temperature got slightly cooler. From to today, the average temperature for the world has increased by about 0. Beforethere were not enough temperature measurements for us to know how warm or cold it was. Climatologists use proxy measurements to try to figure out past temperatures before there were what is global warming long essay.

This means measuring things that change when it gets colder or warmer. One way is to cut into a tree and measure how far apart the growth rings are.

What is global warming long essay

Trees that live a long time can give us an idea of how temperature and rain changed while it was alive. For most of the past years the temperature didn't change much. Other proxy measurements like the temperature measured in deep holes mostly agree with the tree rings. Tree rings and bore holes can only help scientists work out the temperature until about years ago.

Ice cores are ylobal used to find out the temperature back to about half a million years ago.

Greenhouse effect Fossil fuel related CO2 emissions compared to five IPCC flobal. The dips are related to global recessions. Coal -burning power plants, car exhausts, factory smokestacksand other man-made waste gas vents give off about 23 billion tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere each year.

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About three-quarters of the CO2 that people have put in the air during the past 20 years are due to burning fssay fuel like coal or oil. The rest mostly comes from changes in how land is used, like cutting down trees. This is called the year sunspot cycle. The change is so small that scientists can barely measure how it affects the temperature of the Earth.

What is global warming long essay greenhouse gases cause the greenhouse effect by capturing and absorbing solar energy. Anthropogenerated sulfates have a cooling effect on the atmosphere because of their ability to reflect incoming solar radiation back to space. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Graham says that there is a link between El Nino and the rising global temperatures. Another way is to use fans during the summer when it isn't too hot yet instead of just using energy with the air conditioner.

If the sun was causing wwarming Earth to warm up, it would warm both the surface and high up in the air. But the air in the upper stratosphere is actually getting colder, so scientists don't think changes in the sun have much effect. Dust and dirt[ change change source ] Dust and dirt in the air come from natural sources such "what is global warming long essay" volcanos[8] [9] erosion and meteoric dust.

Essxy also add to it. Some of this dirt falls out within a few hours. Some is aerosolso small that it could stay in the air for years. Some responses[ change change source ] Some people try to stop global warming, usually by burning less fossil fuel. Many people have tried to get countries to emit less greenhouse gases. The Kyoto Protocol was signed in It was meant to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to below their levels in However, carbon dioxide levels have continued to rise.

All of these things will reduce the amount of fossil fuels used and help keep the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air at a minimum. Tropical diseases such as malaria could be more common. Michaels speculates that the reason that we have not seen a significant increase in temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere is because of the balancing effect of anthropogenerated sulfates going into the atmosphere as a result of industrial pollution. These power plants emit large amounts of carbon dioxide produced from burning of fossil esday for the purpose of electricity generation. What causes Global Warming? Increasing carbon dioxide should cool these regions, and this, in turn, should lead to increasing concentrations of ozone at these levels. The reader may wish to look elsewhere for a summary of more recent research. There essxy studies that have indicated that no significant change in the overall global climate has yet taken place.

Energy conservation is used to burn less fossil fuel. People can also use energy sources that don't burn fuel, or can prevent the carbon dioxide from getting out.

  • Even if its brought to our attention, we just continue our lives like the earth will be able to recover from all the terrible things we do to it.
  • While there are indeed some possible benefits to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, "
  • This expansion is known as thermal expansion which is where as water is heated it expands and takes up more space.

People can also change how they live because of any changes that global warming will bring. For example, they can go to places where the weather is better, or build walls around cities to keep flood water out. Like the preventive measures, these things cost money, and rich people and rich countries will be able to change more easily than the poor.

Geoengineering is also seen by some as one climate change mitigation response. Warmimg example, a process using nanotechnology has been found to remove carbon dioxide from the air to create ethanol.

what is global warming- long essay

It comes from the burning of fossil fuels and from an automobile's exhaust. If the heat is hot enough it could destroy the trees by forest fires, as well as what is global warming long essay coral reefs. Our pattern of precipitation will change also. Trees that live a long time can give us an idea of how temperature and rain changed while it was alive. At the same time, other scientists assert that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that industrial activities, automobile emissions, and technological pollutants may eventually result in dangerous and even deadly trends in the overall global climate.

Broecker's choice of words was new and represented a significant recognition that the climate was warming; previously the phrasing used by scientists was "inadvertent climate modification," because while it was recognized humans could change the climate, no one was sure which direction it was going. The National Academy of Sciences first used global warming in a paper called the Charney Report, it said: Global warming became more widely popular after when NASA climate scientist James Hansen used the term in a testimony to Congress.

Effects of global warming on sea levels[ change change source ] Global warming means that Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets are melting and the oceans are expanding. Recent climate change would still cause click 6-meter feet sea-level rise even if greenhouse gas emissions were reduced in per a scientific paper in Science. These and the other cities have either started trying to what is global warming long essay with rising sea level and what is global warming long essay storm surgeor are discussing this, according to reliable sources.


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