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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample - Global warming is one of the most serious issues Details Last Updated: Sunday, 06 August Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today. What are the causes of global warming and what measures can governments and solutiom take to tackle the issue.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. For the past few decades, we have observed a major shift in climatic conditions of edsay Earth. Drift in the environmental system is largely due to global warming which has prob,em an acute problem. This essay will analyse the root causes of global warming and will suggest remedies to lower the risk associated with this alarming problem. There are many causes of global warming, but it is mostly due to the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon where gases such as carbon dioxide trap heat from the sun which causes the global temperature to rise above optimal level. Activities of here beings contribute equally to the increase of global warming. Factories and vehicles result in the emission of carbon gases and fumes which are depleting the ozone layer surrounding the earth. Utilisation of fossil fuels and other hazardous chemicals are other reasons of global warming. Moreover, countries are becoming more industrialised and are dumping waste into the atmosphere without realising its harmful effects and severity of the issue.

Rising temperatures due to global warming would result in melting of polar ice-caps which will trigger severe floods, droughts wraming other extreme weather conditions. This critical issue which could potentially eliminate the human race should be death on government and individual level. Governments should enforce strict policies and regulations to control the emission of carbon gases from industries.

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Search Global Warming Essay for Kids Our earth is getting hotter day by day. It wssay caused by the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon Dioxide is produced by burning fossil fuel, coal, oil, petroleum, and wood. When we produce more Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, it accelerates Global Warming. Order global warming essay There are many reasons behind this global warming. Increasing industrialization, population growth, using oil, petroleum, gasoline is very harmful to the environment.

Emission of Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide are the main reasons of Global Warming. Other greenhouse gases such as Nitrous Oxide, Chlorofluorocarbons, and Chlorine more info are very harmful to the environment. These gases absorb heat radiations and cause heating of the world surface area. An additional cause of Global Warming is Ozone depletion. The Ozone layer is affected daily because of high emission of Chlorofluorocarbon.

We produce a huge amount of CFC for commercial purposes. So we are responsible for global warming. We use CFC in the aerosol spray, refrigerators, washing machinery etc. Harmful Ultraviolet rays are entering through the biosphere and get absorbed by the greenhouse gases. This ultimately accelerates the process of the Global Warming. The effects of Global Warming are huge. Due to the impact of Global Warming, the ice of the North Pole gllobal melting. As a result, the low-lying lands of the world will go under water. The capability of food production will be destroyed and our food security will be at a stake.

Various natural disasters will hit the earth. Many people will lose their properties and they will become refugees.

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This is for stanford. Can anyone check this please?. Global warming has been becoming a big problem throughout the years. People don't acknowledge that global warming is becoming worse a hook for a global warming essay day. We may drive our car to a store four blocks away or go to another city, but the distance that we drive no matter how far it is, affects global warming in a small way. Most national governments have been working on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but what about regular civilians. We may have some opportunities to help reduce gas emissions such as hybrid cars, but what about the cost.

Not many families can afford a hybrid car and therefore cannot do their part in helping lessen global warming. Global warming can affected the earth in many ways. It can affect habitats, ecosystems, and even people. The only solution to solving global warming is by working together as a society and doing everything that is possible to reduce greenhouse gases.

Technology has gone a long way and as a strong society that we are now, we are capable of stopping global warming. Cars are responsible for almost a quarter of annual US emissions of carbon dioxide which is the primary global warming gas. In recent years new cars have been developed such as hybrid and those that use bio fuels. Some people are happy that new efficient cars are being developed but the question is, are they taking advantage of the new cars. People might think about buying a hybrid car because gas prices have being going up lately, but they a hook for a global warming essay think about global warming.

Most people today drive regular gasoline cars and most cannot afford new efficient cars. In order for everyone to contribute on reducing global warming, hybrid cars or environmentally friendly cars would need to be distributed among most of the public. Some might say what about the money needed to do something like that. What's more important money or global warming.

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Essay Writing Help In the past, scientists and environmentalists have shown scepticism regarding the entire discussion surrounding global warming. As expected, time and advances in science have played a role in chronicling global warming using real figures and these statistics have finally begun to tin over hardened sceptics. These changes include deforestation, the abkut occurrence of continue reading and melting of polar-ice caps. Statistics as well as this visible physical evidence show that now is the time to discuss global warming and its abut in our schools to educate the public.

So here, 10 facts on global warming and its effects on human health will be provided to aid students writing essays on these topics. Two successive articles on how to go about choosing a topic on global warming and human health in world climate change and a guide for writing a short essay will be provided to compliment this article. The facts anout global warming and human health in world climate change you should know: Melting glaciers due to global warming adversely affect human health.

Statistics show that the rate at which glaciers in the Arctic Circle are melting has seen a considerable increase in recent years. The figures show that the melting rate between the years is currently 3 times higher than the rate witnessed in to The increased rate due to rising temperatures has led to flooding thereby endangering human life. Global warming has caused irregular weather patterns.

The weather pattern of the 21st century is rapidly changing when compared to recorded patterns from two decades ago. The irregular weather pattern is being experienced globally and its effects on plant and human health include increased rainfall which affects the delicate balance that plants need to survive and grow. These irregularities also lead to animal migration and with scarce food resources, humans in certain regions — East and West Africa — will experience health problems due to climate change.

Global warming has led to extreme heat and droughts in diverse regions of the earth. As of today, extreme heat kills approximately 30, people yearly in the developed world while in sub-Saharan Africa approximately 20 million people do not have access to water due to droughts.

Global warming creates more natural disasters. Data from WHO shows that the number of deaths caused by natural agrumentative in the 21st century has more than tripled the numbers sjort in the 20th century circa to be precise. This increase is directly proportional to the increase in global waeming currently been witnessed today. Sadly, natural disasters have accounted for approximately 60, yearly in more developed regions of the world.

Global warming creates an enabling environment that spreads infections. The increased temperature and flooding caused by climate change are slowly turning the earth into a breeding exsay for diseases and infections both in the developed and developing world.

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Home Essays An Essay on Global Warming — Causes, Effects and Solution An Essay on Global Warming — Causes, Effects and Solution May 4, It is expected to experience scarcity of natural resources within very few centuries of earth, for which most of the reason will be man made negligence. It is known that natural resources are getting consumed in high quantities that will leave no clue of their existence to next generations. In order to avoid these disasters there are some important precautions to be followed by human cycle.

This essay on global warming provides you an overview of reasons, effects and precautions associated with Global Warming. What is Global Warming. The average surface temperature of the Earth increases because of greenhouse gases like the emissions of carbon dioxide from deforestation or from burning fossil fuels. These carbon dioxide emissions trap the heat that escapes from the Earth. This is a kind of greenhouse effect. This essay on global warming describes the causes, effects of global warming and also the states the solution for its prevention.

The temperature of the Earth is maintained at a safe level making it possible for various life forms including humans to exist. The greenhouse effect has been increased significantly due to the human activities since the Industrial Revolution causing the average temperature of the Earth to increase almost by 1 degree centigrade.

Global warming is created by this today. A long series of international studies and scientific research has shown that the increase in overall temperatures is because of the greenhouse gases by the activities of humans. Many places around the world are affected by global warming. It is highly enhancing the melting of glaciers, permafrost and ice sheets which is causing the rise in average sea levels. In many different places, it is also changing the weather patterns and precipitation making few places dryer increasing the periods of drought and at the same time, making others wetter with increased flooding and stronger storms.

The human society as well as the nature have been affected by these changes and will have even worse effects if the emissions of greenhouse gases continue to enhance in the same way. Essay on Global Warming Causes of Global Warming This section of essay on global warming summarizes the various causes of global warming. The increment in the quantity of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere produced by the activities of humans like the deforestation or the burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of global warming.

Global warming is caused by the emissions of large amounts of greenhouse gases produced by these activities. Due to the balance of the major kinds of greenhouse gases, the natural greenhouse effect exists. In the air, if high levels of these gases get accumulated, more heat gets trapped and this leads to the increment of greenhouse effect. The Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and the Increased Greenhouse Effect The majority of emissions of the man-made carbon dioxide is from the burning of fossil fuels like oil and coal so that the human beings can power numerous machinery and vehicles and generate electricity.

The other significant sources come from industry and land-use changes. Due to the landfills, rice farming and livestock and during the production and usage of fossil fuels, the methane is created by humans.

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Select Page Paragraph on Global Warming Global warming is the rise in average surface temperature of the earth globally. There are many reasons behind this increasing global warming. It is a man created environmental issue which is gradually affecting the whole environment all over the world since many years. Short and Long Paragraphs on Global Warming We have provided below some paragraphs on global warming to help students studying in classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or higher classes because generally they get assigned by their teachers to write some paragraphs on this topic.

It also helps class teachers to enhance the English writing skill and knowledge of their class students on global warming. You can choose any global warming paragraph according to your need and requirement. Following paragraphs are written in simple sentences using easy words. Global Warming Paragraph 1 Global warming is a gradual increase in the temperature of the earth surface and atmosphere all around the world.

It is caused due to the greenhouse effect of increased level of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, CFCs, etc. There are various types of pollutants also which involved in increasing the atmospheric temperature of the earth. Increasing use of fossil fuels by the people and deforestation is increasing carbon dioxide emissions which trap heat and cause greenhouse effect. Water vapor is also a significant greenhouse gas which is not directly produced by humankind but involve in global warming hugely. A slight increase in the level of CO2 causes marked increase in earth temperature.

Green house gases absorb and reradiate infrared radiations which ultimately cause green house effect. Because of deforestation, CO2 is not absorbed well and remain in the atmosphere for long time and trap heat. Global Warming Paragraph 2 Global warming has hugely impacted the environment and human life to a great extent for many years. The level of sea water is increasing continuously every year and creating fear for the nearby cities, islands and seawater animals.

Rainfall pattern has also disturbed which causes drought in some areas and flooding in other areas. Ice caps and glaciers are melting continuously and its level depends on the increased level of temperature.

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Some people feel guilty and concerned; some simply do not care. Different points of view yield different stances on the subject. Coming from the scientific and environmental points of view, myrmecologist Edward O. Wilson discusses the severity of global warming, some of the threads of thought that oppose his own, and some of the consequences of continued mistreatment of the environment in his book The Future of Life. While some people may claim ignorance on the subject, global warming and substantial data showing annual increases in global temperature have been broadcast throughout the media and discussed in schools and seminars around the world.

While there may be developing countries that do not understand global warming or how humans contribute argmuentative it, the developed countries that are the biggest contributors to global warming are very well-informed of the situation. The question is will the people who can act and eesay changes to save the environment do so, or will they play dumb and look the golbal way while the world as they know it crumbles at their feet. Assuming that most individuals cherish their beloved czuses, many environmentalists and ecologists post blogs, write essays, publish works, and give speeches informing the public about the future threat their planet faces.

They hope to educate and persuade as many people as possible to fight for the future of the planet. From the scientific point of view, this issue is of extreme importance, and requires close examination of historical patterns, modification of current practices, and close monitoring of the atmospheric content in the future.

Although Wilson discusses these advanced chemical and biological concepts, he keeps his point simple and hopes to use guilt to evoke action in his audience. Many wwrming assume that the general public is familiar with the science behind the atmosphere, and cauaes people may disagree because they merely do not understand how the contribution of extreme CO2 excess could contribute to a shift in global weather pattens. Others are aware of the situation, but are unwilling to make changes because their focus lies elsewhere.

One of the main points of view that frequently opposes the environmentalist and ecologist ways of thinking is that of the economist. From the economist's perspective, the focus is on production and consumption. Every species lives on production and consumption The economist's thinking is based on precise models of rational choice and near-horizon time lines. His parameters argumwntative the gross domestic product, trade balance, and competitive index The economist is merely thinking in the way that he has been taught to think; he is logically managing his esay goals, but he is failing to utilize critical thinking to fully grasp the issue at hand.

The condition of the atmosphere may be beyond repair by the time major economic organizations jump on board, and shifts check this out climate are already clearly obvious all over the world. Unusual weather patterns are leaving climatologists confused and baffled, natural disasters are claiming innocent lives left and right, and the world almost seems angry from the years of human ignorance and abuse.

Individuals everywhere, perhaps even the economics-driven thinkers focused agrumentative industrial expansion, can no longer remain blind to these blatant signs. Non-critically essay writing in english my best teacher economists would benefit from conducting research and reviewing the information behind global warming, before it's too late. The definition of global warming is the increase of the average temperature on the surface of argumemtative earth Venkatarmanan Some people argue that the climate of the earth is supposed to fluctuate, and that this is just a hotter time in the climate cycle, but this trend of a steady increase in temperature doesn't seem like it will cease.

Science and technology journalist M. Many may scoff at this minimal observation, but climatologists predict that even this small change can result in a major impact on the earth. Extreme downpours argumentagive become more common.

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Essay on Global Warming; Cause and Effect Words 4 Pages When these gases are released they clog up the atmosphere, which means other types of gases can not escape. This is also another leading factor of the world heating up and also leads to be a cause of the major flooding, all of which is an effect of global warming.

The second most leading cause of global warming is aerosols. In these types of hair sprays… Causes and Effects of Global Warming Essay Words 10 Pages Aerosols have two major effects on the climate. They include direct and indirect radiation. Reflective particles cool the atmosphere by scattering energy from the sun back into space. Absorbent particles have the opposite effect. There are many gases that are emitted into the atmosphere that implicate the acceleration and poutiness of the greenhouse effect.

These gases are called the greenhouse gases; they are all a natural part of the atmosphere, but because of human interaction they are increasing drastically. Global warming is avoidable, but us humans need to take a step forward and hinder it. Global warming prkblem permanent and cannot be reversed. We have to act… Essay about Causes and Effects of Global Warming on Our World Words 6 Pages Global Warming is a universal concern that has gained worldwide attention.

As members of Congress, we have heard and learned new and different facts about the probelm of Earth. Some causes and effects of global warming are easy to understand, with substantial evidence, yet there are still unanswered questions and reasoning as to why global warming is occurring. This essay is to outline the background of global warming and to display opposing viewpoints. Since there is not enough evidential research… Finding a Solution to Global Warming Essay Words 10 Pages governments and people find solution for Global Warming problem and decrease the buildings and greenhouses emission, cut down the industrial waste heat, and encourage people to abd biofuel in their vehicles.

Causes and effects of Essag Warming a. Solution for Global Warming a. Decrease the buildings and the greenhouses emission b. Cut down the industrial emission c.