Essay global warming causes and effects


Search Causes and Effects of Global Warming Essay These days, global warming has been a matter of great concern for us. It is going to pose a severe threat to our environment. But human beings are liable for it.

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When the balance of nature is disturbed, the world will be unsuitable to live in. So we should be warmihg careful about global warming and take this issue seriously for our own betterment. Order global warming essay Greenhouse gases are comprised of Sulfur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide that are also responsible for global warming.

Essay global warming causes and effects

Volcanic eruptions are another problem which causes global warming. During a volcanic eruption, Carbon Dioxide is produced. When Carbon Dioxide is produced, it accelerates global warming process.

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Methane is another element for global warming. Methane is globbal a greenhouse gas and it plays a more effective role in trapping the high temperature in the environment that carbon dioxide does more than 20 times.

Eszay can be produced from the natural gasoline, coal exploration, petroleum, and industrial wastages. When we burn fossil fuel, it produces carbon dioxide extremely. Vehicles are also discharging carbon dioxide. All glbal contribute a lot to global warming.

Cause And Effect Global Warming Essay [Global Warming Cause And Effect Essay]

During a volcanic eruption, Carbon Dioxide is produced. This causes an increase in the intensity of heat in atmosphere. Global warming is not a problem that cannot be solved, but it is an issue that governments and average people need to be aware of in order to protect the people, animals, and habitats of planet Earth. It increases the evaporation of water into the atmosphere. The thickening essay global warming causes and effects earth atmosphere because of presence of increased carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is called greenhouse effect.

The most important effects of global warming will be on the climate change. Global warming changes the ecosystem and the world is becoming warmer. One major consequence of global warming is greenhouse warmjng that speeds up the rise of the sea level. The ice of the North Pole is melting; as a matter of consequences we will see some part of the world will go under water. Natural disasters will be taking place frequently. Hurricanes, Tsunami, earthquake and many other disasters will be a regular natural blow. In the long term, we will face a water crisis in some parts of the world.

Major exotic diseases will break out. The greenhouse gases will remain in the ambiance for many years. To conclude, the human being should stop destroying the environment.

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We have to understand the effect of ecosystem change which will have a bad impact upon us. We need to cut our dependency on gasoline, fuel, petroleum, oil, coal.

I hate shoveling snow and worrying about whether my pipes will freeze. There is a close relation between global warming and population growth. In reality, global warming does exist and has adverse effects on our environment. In future, warmer world will face water crisis in some parts while in other regions it will be wetter than it is now. In addition, forestation can be of great help in this regard. The longer we go without solving this global problem the more conflicts we will have in the future. Essay Words 7 Pages This warming of the arctic also affects humans around the world not just the indigenous people and animals. The year was the second warmest year of the past century.

We should put emphasize on recycling. We should not burn up coal, wood, plastic, dried leaves or waste because these will produce huge Carbon Dioxide and speed up the global warming process. We should plant more trees. Apart from, the government should enact several laws in favor of eco-friendly environment so that it helps stop deforestation.

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Essay global warming causes and effects

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