Environmental impact climate change global warming essay


In northern regions of the United States, an see more in the temperature and amount of rain could actually extend the growing season of crops. This would in turn mean more money for farmers in the northern region.

It could also hurt some farmers. Too much rain is bad for some crops. Certain areas will actually get less rain, which would lead to more droughts and have a negative impact on crops.

Environmental impact climate change global warming essay

Warm and wet weather is usually a factor that promotes tropical storms. Global warming would lead to tropical storms? More rain will also force plant life to adjust.

Global impact warming essay climate environmental change had

Forests and plant life migrate naturally, wssay scientists say that global warming would cause them to migrate at a much faster rate. If the climate changes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says,? If a region is getting more rain and plants on the border of that region need rain to survive, they will naturally begin growing in the new region. The Environmental Media Services Organization has found that the greenhouse effect? If a ten degree warming was the factor that ended the ice age, imagine what another warming by about that same amount could do.

Scientists believe that a warming of change global 6 degrees would cause glaciers to melt at a high rate. This would cause an increase in the level of the oceans. According to the article? Turning up the Heat: How Global Warming Threatens Life in the Sea,? Only a 1-cm rise in sea level can erode a full 1 meter of beach? Berntson and Mathews-Amos www. Sea ice would also be susceptible to melting, which would raise the water level even more. Global warming will not just make sea levels climaet, it will also affect sea life.

Small increases in the temperature can kill corals. There have been problems with corals dying in the past few years because of increased water temperatures. Other marine life may migrate northward or southward because the waters are warmer. The warm water would make them think that they were in their natural habitat, when they were actually migrating toward the poles. Food would be scarce in their new habitat. Patterns of the circulation of sea water are disturbed by global warming. Cold water moves along the sea floor towards the equator and warm water around the equator moves toward the climatr across the surface of the ocean.

It is known as thermohaline circulation. It is a very important process concerning ocean life. This circulation process brings oxygenated water to the sea floor. If this did not happen,? Fish, such as salmon, are also sensitive to the temperature of the water. During the summer when the water is warm, salmon have a higher impacf rate. During the winter months, their metabolism slows down, which is good because less food is available.

With global warming and increased environmenfal temperatures, salmon would have a higher metabolic rate, even if it were during the winter. Less food would be available for them and many salmon would die. Another impact of see more warming will be that some diseases are likely to be spread more easily.

Mosquitoes are a major carrier of tropical diseases. They are commonly known for carrying malaria, cholera, and dengue fever. Malaria outbreaks are usually confined to? Scientists are beginning to notice that malaria outbreaks are occurring outside these places.

Need environmental warming climate impact change global essay essay suggests

They are attributing this to increased temperatures from global warming. Places such as California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, and New York have had more cases of malaria. People from these states know that the summers have been very hot and humid lately. Malaria mosquitoes thrive in hot and humid weather. Increased temperatures and more rain in some areas will cause hot and humid weather, which will allow for mosquitoes to migrate to new places and spread the disease. A study suggests that?

Business as usual it ain't, and anyone that essaj to drag us back to the familiar structures and methods of how we go about being who we are and what we do will have to face an army of creative, innovative, entrepreneurial folks intent on re-configuring it all. Also, see the Green Ribbon Pledge at www. Combining global outreach with local expertise, WWF: WWF works with local communities, governments and others around the world to help nature and people prepare for the many impacts of a changing climate. As ecosystems become further stressed by climate change, species extinction will accelerate. Scientists have found that?

Cholera and dengue fever are also carried by mosquitoes and thrive in warm and moist climates. As with malaria, more cholera and chajge fever outbreaks would occur because of migrating mosquitoes. As stated earlier, the warming of the oceans will increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and will make global warming a problem of increasing severity.

There are other ways that this happens too. As the weather becomes warmer, more organic matter in the ground will be decomposed. This causes carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere: If average temperatures would rise by. Murck, Skinner and Porter Environmental impact climate change global warming essay hydrates will also decompose with warmer temperatures.

Scientists have found that? When temperatures increase, frozen soil will melt and release gas hydrates, and hydrates from ocean sediment will also break down. Because of this, more methane and carbon will be released into the environmental impact climate change global warming essay, making the greenhouse environemntal even stronger.

Environmental impact climate change global warming essay

This will damage our environment even more. Global warming is becoming a major problem as we move to the 21st century and beyond. When more greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane are released, they trap heat rays and keep them in our atmosphere. This causes an increase in temperature. Increases in temperature can do a lot of damage, even in small increases. Only a few degrees ended the ice age thousands of years ago.

Another warming like that can have huge environmental effects. Changes in temperature will upset water cycles. Some areas will get more precipitation, some will get less. A warming of a few degrees would cause glaciers and sea environmental impact climate change global warming essay to melt. This would lead to ocean levels rising and would damage coastal cities and islands.

It would also cause a disruption in different species living in the ocean and increase the levels of some disease, especially ones carried by mosquitoes, which thrive in warm climates. In order to stop global warming, much has to be done. Although it impact very difficult to reverse once the process is started, global warming has to be stopped if we want to live like we are now. Emission of fossil fuels by humans is a big factor in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Controlling these emissions is one of the first of many steps that we must take in order to combat global warming.

How to address the risk of climate change impacts on agriculture?

If it is not controlled, problems such as the aforementioned ones, along essay others, will definitely disrupt our living patterns. How Global Warming Threatens Life in the Sea.? World Wildelife Fund and the Marine Conservation Biology Institute. Malaria and Dengue Fever? World Wildlife Fund for Nature. Public Intrest Research Groups. An Introduction to Physical Geology.


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