Environmental effects of global warming essay


How global warming works? Due to increased global warming, the level of the sea will rise which will lead to flooding and this will in turn create havoc in human environmental effects of global warming essay. Apart from raising the sea levels, it will also endanger several species of animals and thus will hamper the balance of the ecosystem. Areas in the Arctic are diminishing away and flowing into major more info. Rising temperatures create a much accelerated threat to wildlife and whole ecosystems in these regions.

With glaciers melting at vast rates, a chain of events is being set into motion that cannot be reversed. Irregular weather patterns have already started showing results. Increased precipitation in the form of rain have already been noticed in polar and sub-polar regions. More envirohmental warming will lead to more evaporation which will cause more rains. Animals and plants cannot easily adapt to increased rainfall. Plants may die and animals may migrate to other areas, which can cause entire ecosystem out of balance.

While it may be flooding in Savannah, severe drought is happening elsewhere in the world. As temperatures warm, the presence of drought has increased in the western U. Large scale evaporation will be the major cause of droughts in many places particularly Africa.

Although, it is reeling under the huge pressure of water crisis, increased global warming would further make the situation worse and will cause malnutrition. As the temperature of the oceans rises, hurricanes and other storms are likely to become stronger.

Imagine whole populations where animals can no longer thrive. The carbon dioxide that is dumped in the atmosphere is at s high rate right now. Markets would endure increased volatility and institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies would experience considerable difficulty. These extreme weather conditions, which used to occur once or twice in a decade, are happening more frequently, due to global warming.

With the increase in the global warmingthe water in the ocean warms up and it heats up the surrounding air, creating hurricanes. Rise of Sea Levels: The melting of polar ice-caps and less water evaporating into the environmental effects of global warming essay are causing increased sea levels. Quaint coastal towns and cities near the U. As the global temperature will increase, plants will find it harder to survive and will die.

Because of this, more methane and carbon will be released into the atmosphere, making the greenhouse effect even stronger. Going off the Grid: How Global Warming Threatens Life in the Sea,? This will damage our environment even more.

The shortage of the food may lead to war and conflicts in some countries. Because of greenhouse gases and other causes, unexpected streaks of severe weather are just the tips of the iceberg in global warming. Heat waves cause dangerously hot weather and in recent years, more deaths have occurred due to heat waves than in the last sixty years. While wildfires are a natural occurrence, with the added carbon dioxide in the air, environmental effects of global warming essay hotter enviironmental, the evidence speaks for itself.

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More frequent wildfires continue to surface in vast amounts each year. Each time a wildfire burns, the less oxygen there is to combat the dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Not only is there insurmountable scientific evidence that global warming is increasing, certain types of events, including extreme precipitation is on the rise. Global warming also creates conditions that environmental effects of global warming essay lead to more powerful hurricanes and summer storms. Cities and towns on the coast, where sea levels are already rising, face even more challenges as precipitation poses severe flooding.

environmental effects of global warming essay

Just by driving less and taking a bike or walking can help prevent global warming. Controlling these emissions is one of the first of darming steps that we must take in order to combat global warming. Turning up the Heat: However, the same groups are also vulnerable to additional heat, and deaths attributable to heatwaves are expected to be approximately five times as great as winter deaths prevented. When temperatures increase, frozen soil will melt and release gas hydrates, and hydrates from ocean sediment will also break down.

Are you a lover of fall? Maybe spring is your favorite season. Whatever weather and climate you enjoy, it could be happening sooner and shorter, or later and longer. Global warming affects show spring is occurring 10 days sooner than it has in the past.

Environmental effects of global warming essay

If seasons are changing, weather patterns continue reading going berserk, and flooding is occurring due to rising sea levels, our crops are barely getting a fighting chance. Once the food processing industry goes haywire, the economy will really start getting interesting.

The price of staple crops environmental effects of global warming essay sky rocket causing major inflation and more economic woes. Once coral reefs are affected, entire ecosystems that thrive become obsolete. Change the time and seasons and birds are flying south for winter sooner, hibernation takes longer, and a whole series of events is set in motion glogal complete collapse of animal life. The entire food chain could be disrupted and enormous consequences could follow. As more carbon dioxide is trapped in the atmosphere, breathable air becomes harder to come by. If global warming continues, the U.

Environmental effects of global warming essay

Imagine whole populations where animals can no longer thrive. With such a vast eruption in the animal kingdom, our own world becomes in danger.

Global environmental effects warming essay of the

If doing simple things like taking a walk outside or working in your garden, become unenjoyable due to severe heat waves, think of the quality of life on a much larger scale. Who knows how badly the economy could get with decreased vitality of crops, productions, and manufacturing items. Without having nature on our side, the food industry will fall apart. Without the resources to feed the world, manufacturing will collapse. Hunger will be our biggest battle. As more chain of events are set in environmental effects of global warming essay, air quality will continue to get worse.

As bad as it is now in some areas in the world, multiply that by a million. Another 25 percent would succumb to air related illnessesstarvation, and poverty. The rest of the human population would have to find and implement alternative energy on a consistent and regulated basis. Pretty soon, the domino environmental effects of global warming essay will reach home.

Going off the Grid: With the current threat of increasing storms and violent aftermaths of hurricanes and tropical storms, it would only take a few hits to crumble our electrical system. Our fresh water supply will great diminish with global warming.

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With the demise of coral reefs and the ecosystems therein, less fresh water will flow into lakes and tributaries. Countries like Greenland are deteriorating at a highly elevated rate. Beautiful cities, even continents could one day be part of a vast sea.


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