Writing essays in english is really hard


Writing is a task and a job that many people put off doing until the last minute, or they hire a freelancer like myself to do it.

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So why is writing so hard? The following is my take on why—in no particular rwally.

Most often, more time is spent in the classroom teaching grammar and spelling rules, rather than helping students build their writing fluency. As with any other skill and artwriting takes practice. You need to write every day to build your writing fluency.

Daily practice might include keeping a journal or blog. The biggest hurdle to writing is getting over the hump of essayz doing it.

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So write everyday to build fluency. Write a lot, and get in the habit of reading everyday.

Writing essays in english is really hard

Too often writing assignments become a form of punishment, rather than opportunities for students to build their skills and explore their thoughts. Teachers should regularly write the essays and papers they assign, especially the first time they assign a particular type or topic of writing. By doing an assignment themselves, teachers can show their own writing process and see the types of challenges their students are facing.

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Also, if writing must be graded, students should be given several opportunities to revise their work for a better grade. To be a good writer, you also need to be an avid reader. Reading well written books, wnglish posts and articles, read more paying attention to how writing is done can have a direct impact on your own writing skills.

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Some of the best topics to write about for young people are about controversial issues e. Everyone has an opinion about popular controversial issues, and there always good models of articles writung essays that address controversial issues, including good blog posts, newspaper and magazine articles, and letters to the editor.

Writing essays in english is really hard

Students need to be shown that most writing is not done in a single draft, nor should teachers expect it to englihs. If you ever had to write a paper or an article using an electric typewriter, you will understand what I mean. Developing writers need opportunities to read and evaluate good and bad models of writing. Writing article source also a form of discovery.

Writing essays in english is really hard

If you lack an understanding of a subject, it is difficult to write about it. Again, this is another area where many writing teachers fail their students.

Reply October 21, at 2: There are innumerable examples of conundrums such as: While many people use English only a bare handful of them ever reaches proficiency level. May 08, at 6:

Ih most classrooms writing is mainly assignment for a grade, not a tool for discovery and real form of communication. Share Your Thoughts So what do you find difficult about writing, and how do you deal with those difficulties?


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