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Nonviolence is No Answer Passing through that the resignation and acceptance phase. As the author will point out, nothing is a simple as it seems that does not, however, make me discard my belief that the nonviolent, noncooperation way is the only way; only that violence SHOULD BE held in reserve as a SELF-DEFENSE writing essay in english is really hard, and the comparisons and analogies he makes -- while rudimentary in some cases -- are quite accurate article source correct.

However, when Writing essay in english is really hard looked inside myself -- save for the involuntary reaction of emergency -- I simply will not be able to kill anyone. Further reflection was required as the gnawing fear lapped at my feet.

The fact that it has not worked at all so far has not deterred the adherents of Nonviolence from marching onward towards their millennium. But the social diseases of the real world are complex, not simple. Whatever helps immigrants and foreigners to write and speak our language without needless frustration works for the good of all. It is often difficult to predict what the outcome of a decision will be.

In the end, Malcolm X said it best: Almost every organization seeking radical change in the USA has been targeted by organizers writing essay in english is really hard the nonviolence movement. Organizations like Earth First! In this essay it will be argued that nonviolence encourages violence by the state and corporations. The ideology of nonviolence creates effects opposite to what it promises. As a result nonviolence ideologists cooperate in the ongoing destruction of the environment, in continued repression of powerless, and in U.

To minimize violence we must adopt a pragmatic, reality-based method of operation. I agree that violence, properly defined, is bad. It should, ideally, not be part of sesay humans deal with each other. I believe that a society should and can be created where no state, economic entity, or religion uses violence against people.

  • In my opinion, German is much more difficult than English, although it belongs to the same language family.
  • I've gotten As on my first two papers but I think they might have been flukes.
  • Most Americans know almost nothing of the history of the Indian subcontinent and the creation of the Indian nation.

In such a society people can achieve their individual and collective goals through voluntary cooperation. But when you scrape the make-up off the face of the ideology of Nonviolence, there you will find, grinning, the very violence it pretends to oppose. Much of the ability of the corporate state to neutralize its opposition in the USA and elsewhere depends on purposeful confusion of the language used to discuss the issues. It is important to distinguish exactly what is meant by violence, not being violent, and the ideology of Nonviolence.

Most people writing essay in english is really hard a pretty clear idea of what violence is: Not being violent is simply not causing physical harm to someone. But gray areas abound. What about stabbing an animal? What about allowing someone to starve because they cannot find means to pay for food? What about coercing behavior through the threat of violence? Through the threat of losing a job? Violence as a dichotomy, with the only choices being Violence or Non-violence, is not a very useful basis for political discussion, unless you want to confuse people.

Violence, the word, must be modified "writing essay in english is really hard" illustrated to be useful for discussion. In this essay violence against animals, plants, and inanimate objects will be distinguished from violence against humans.

Violence, unmodified, will always mean direct violence, actual bashing of people, and will be distinguished from the threat of violence, as when laws are passes with violent penalties attached. Also distinguished will be economic violence, as when esasy activity leads to physical harm to humans, such as starvation or disease.

Writing essay in english is really hard

Other methods of categorizing violence need to be distinguished, such as read more self-defense against violent predation. The ideology of nonviolence will from this point on be distinguished from ordinary not-being violent by capitalizing it thus: Most people are not-violent most of the time.

Even soldiers and policemen spend more time in a not-violent state than actually committing violent acts. Yet the Nonviolence activists target social change activists with their doctrine, rather than teaching it to those policemen, soldiers, politicians and businessmen who do occasionally practice violence. Nonviolence claims to have found a method to bring violence to an end. The fact that it has not worked at all so far has not deterred the adherents of Nonviolence from marching onward towards their millennium.

If only more people would listen to us, our dreams would come true, they say. On the other hand they like to claim that non-violence has a remarkable track-record of success, with the gold-medalists of the Nonviolence Olympics usually being put forward as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

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Nonviolence ideology states that writing essay in english is really hard begets violence. Since the goal is a non-violent society, even if other goals are included such as economic justice, national self-determination, etc. Thus one may argue politelypublish, vote, and assemble in protest. At the extreme edge of Click here ideology lies englisg Holy Grail: Nonviolence has but iis prescription for all social diseases.

It prescribes Gandhi-brand aspirin for everything from a headache to terminal cancer. But the social diseases of the real world are complex, not simple. To gain a proper perspective on what political tools are best used to cure which social diseases you need to be well-informed of esway nature of society and of the variety of political tools that are available. It should not surprise anyone that given the complex and advanced natures of our social diseases, a one-size fits all political solution is not likely to succeed.

To put this is less colorful terms, to change reality you must know reality. You cannot pretend that aspects of reality do not exist just because there is nowhere to put them in your ideological box. It does not matter whether your ideology is Nonviolence, or Marxism, or Free-Market Capitalism; reality will do what it wants to do. So let us examine some aspects of reality. The goal to keep in mind is the minimization of global violence the total amount of violence against humans on earth. Preferably including economic violence and even threats of violence. The failure to oppose violence encourages or allows violence, and the effectiveness of opposition directly correlates with the level writing essay in english is really hard discouragement of violence.

But the opposition needed to stop the rape of a woman may vary greatly according to circumstances particularly, the personality and experience of the rapist. Such situations can be only of metaphorical use in analyzing the opposition needed to stop a sugar corporation from bribing just click for source and congressmen to order the US Army to murder 2 million peasants in wroting to take their land as happened when the US grabbed the Philippines in Since Nonviolence has only one solution to all problems, it can only offer degrees of Nonviolent action for any given situation.

Writing essay in english is really hard

For rape I suppose you are supposed to Nonviolently interpose yourself between the rapist and the intended victim. If the rapist has a history of rapes, you can talk to him and tell him about how much better his life would be if he adopted Nonviolence as a way of living. For war against third world peasants you can Up the Level of Nonviolence. You can call for Massive Nonviolent Protest.

Writing essay in english is really hard

You can sit in front of a Federal Building for a few minutes before being hauled away by the police, most probably being released after being given a ticket. I should point out here that I have chosen two examples that I know cause ordinary people and even people who believe in Nonviolence to question its effectiveness. That is to make clear that violence as an automatic solution to social problems is just as out of touch with reality as Nonviolence.

But I must emphasize that violence is counter-productive in most situations. Situations that are about to escalate into violence can often be diffused by wise intervention, by talking or physically placing oneself between antagonists. In bar-room fights on TV usually once two people start fighting the entire bar crowd starts throwing chairs around, but in reality in most bars friends of the drunken boxers pull them apart until they can calm down.

At all levels of society self-defense discourages aggression, and is a far better principle when extended to the idea of community defense and defense of Mother Earth to use as a starting point than Nonviolence. The normal interpretation of self and community defense, arrived at after millennia of experimentation by almost all societies on earth, is that you can use as much violence as is necessary to bring an end to the current attack.

Of course, this is a matter of judgement. It is also a favorite plea of hypocrites. The Romans used self-defense as a pretext for their village to conquer and rule a territory extending from England to Judea. Nevertheless, self-defense is not only a right, but a duty. A community that refuses to defend itself against aggression encourages further aggression.

Under the rules of Nonviolence aggressors always win. There is nothing to stop them from marching around the world, taking what they want, killing those who are inconvenient, and congratulating themselves. India and Gandhi Ideologists of all stripes like to retell history in a manner that writing essay to leave out details sometimes huge details that would bring their ideology into question.

Most Americans know almost nothing of the history of the Indian subcontinent and the creation of the Indian nation. The only people with an interest in telling this story in the USA are the Nonviolence political activists. The story is fairly simple as they retell it: Gandhi returned to India after working for civil rights for Indians in South Africa. India was ruled by Great Britain. Gandhi inspired the Indian people to demand independence from Great Britain, using non-violent civil disobedience.

The Brits killed some Indians and beat up others, but eventually saw the light and granted India independence. Hence Nonviolence is the solution to all problems. Reality was much more complex. But the Indian continent was not one country. Not only did the Mughal empire embrace several principalities that were in alliance with it, instead of ruled directly, but most of southern India was composed of smaller states opposed to the empire. The Mughals were Moslems, most Indians were not.

When Gandhi returned to India at the end of World War I the situation had evolved but had remarkable similarities to that of The British government ruled India, sort of. There were many semi-independent principalities suffering varying degrees of supervision by the Viceroy. The Indians do you see world essay divided by language, ethnicity, religion, and caste.

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The westernized intellectuals had formed the Indian National Congress party in As early as the Ilbert bill put Indian judges on the same footing as European judges in Bengal; native Hard took the same exams to enter the civil service as British colonists but the writing essay was administered in London; fine if you attended school in Britain, but difficult for the average Indian to take advantage of. Legislative councils with Indian members existed, though they had limited powers. It was clear that in time India would be ruled by the Indians; the Viceroy Curzon promised that before The problem with transition was not simply that there writkng British who liked the old system of direct bureaucratic rule and economic exploitation.


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