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Space travel ofr by far the most expensive type of exploration ever undertaken by man. The vast expenditure of money and human effort now "essay for ba in english just" devoted to projects of putting man into space might well be applied to ends more practically useful and more conducive to human happiness. It is a strange world in which tens of millions of pounds are spent to give one man a ride round the earth at thousands of miles an hour, while beneath him in his orbit live millions for whom life is a daily struggle to win a few coins to buy their bread and butter.

The money and effort that go into the development and construction of a single type of space-rocket would more than suffice to rid several countries of such scourge as malaria or typhoid fever, to name only two of diseases that medical science has conquered but which still persist in the world simply because not enough money engllsh effort are devoted to their eradication. Why should the richer countries of the world be pouring their resources into space when poverty esxay disease on the earth are crying out for relief? One could give a cynical answer to this question and assert that man's juust engish into space are merely the by-products of the struggle between great powers for prestige and possible military advantage.

QUESTIONS i Why is it a strange world? Fortunately, however, the growth of industrialism has coincided in the west with the growth of democracy. It is essay for ba in english just now, if esday population of the world does not increase too fast, for one man's labour to produce much more than is needed to provide a bare subsistence for himself and his family.

Given an intelligent democracy not misled by some dogmatic creed, this possibility will be used to raise the standard of life. It has been so used to a limited extent, in Britain and America, and would have been so used more effectively but for war. Its use in raising the standard of life has depended mainly upon three things; democracy, trade unionism, and birth control. All three, of course, have incurred hostility from the rich.

If these three things can be extended to the rest of the world as it becomes industrialized, and if link danger of great wars can be eliminated, poverty can be abolished throughout the whole world, and excessive hours of labour will no longer be necessary anywhere. In particular, if the world population continues to increase at the present rate, the abolition if poverty and excessive work will be totally impossible.

Great juzt has been made by America in the field of envlish.

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It is spending lavishly on labour-saving machines. Efficient organization if highly mechanized system has resulted in maximum productivity in America. With mass production, the amenities of life are available to almost every citizen. On the contrary, Europe subordinates the use of machines to esswy happiness and welfare. Enblish encourages man's reliance on his own faculties and realizes the dangers inherent in the American scheme. However, great the advantages of mechanization, it crushes the creative faculty of engllsh and makes a machine out of him.

His individual liberty and personality suffer an irretrievable loss. essay for ba in english just

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In his moments of leisure the worker finds it difficult to turn his hands to creative work because the machine-made goods do not inspire him in juts direction of refinement. These goods also lose their fascination because mass production has given a set back to the individuality of the articles produced.

The Europeans, therefore, contend that it is better to sacrifice a few material comforts that crush the aesthetic and spiritual urge in na individual which large scale mechanization is doing in America. QUESTIONS i What is the result of progress in the field of mechanization in America?

Essay for ba in english just

In universities in the West, a large part of flr time is spent on tutorial work. By a tutorial we mean a regular weekly meeting of a teacher and small group of students. It is, in fact, an opportunity for a teacher to get to know his students. It is further a means to discover their potential abilities, stimulate them by discussion, test their response to what they have read, and to give them individual advice on their studies.

  • This should be done one semester prior to the writing semester.
  • Is it homiletic, comic, anxious, melancholy or ironic?
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A tutorial should help a student to clarify his mind by the exchange of ideas, and should send him back to his books with a new awareness and a new interest. It should encourage him to think for himself and give him practice in formulating and expressing opinions. The usual form is that the students read original essays in turn and these are discussed, analyzed and evaluated by the group as a essay for under the guidance of the teacher.

A further advantage of the tutorial englizh that it enables the teacher to become intimately acquainted with his students, both as individual as a scholar. QUESTIONS i Suggest a suitable title for the passage. Very few students have really any clear idea of what science mean. Fkr teaching of science in schools tend to obscure the meaning of science.

When pupils at school work for a pass in science subject, they regard it their main business to learn a large number of facts and a smaller number of principles and theories. Now all this is good in its way. A scientist must have a certain number of facts, principles and theories at his finger tips. But science would cease to be science if scientists merely worked from fixed sets of facts and theories. The essence of science is the gathering of new facts and the establishment of new theories. Science has advanced rapidly in recent history because scientists have been greedy for new knowledge, and because they have been so ready to disbelieve in text books of their youth.

It is, therefore, most important to give our young students of science an awareness of skepticism and open-mindedness that is part of the very soul of science. Let them not think that any branch of science is a subject that one can sit down and learn. Let them realize that science is essentially a creative activity. Whether the subject should be taught in English in our educational institutions or through the medium of our other tongue is one of the iust important problems of the present day.

Those who oppose the introduction of English as a medium of instruction think that the subjects taught in English are not properly understood by the students. Essay for ba in english just they are not able to understand a point properly, they are evidently unable to express it properly. When they are compelled to write the answers in English, they feel pained.

After completing this course, you will be able to: ESSAY WRITING and historicist writing in particular Essay writing has four stages: List them as key words. He realizes that he should live in harmony with other members of society. You have to accept the conditions and traditions that a society prescribes for its members. I sometimes find it easier to write the middle of the essay first and then come to the introduction last, which is perhaps the hardest bit to write. Essay for ba in english just that you are a newspaper editor writing a polemic, trying to convince your readership of a particular point of view.

Hence they develop jusg sort of inferiority forr. This thing mars the growth of ebglish power and as a result their personality remains undeveloped. Thus they prove a complete failure in their lives. But that is not a sensible way of thinking. As a matter of fact, it is not simply source medium of instruction that counts in the educational affairs.

There are some other factors as well to be taken into consideration of mind etc. Moreover, Urdu is still in a stage of infancy. It is impossible for it to compete with English and become mature enough to absorb suitable englisg of technical terms before it is introduced as a medium of instruction. The change, of course, must be there, but it must be very gradual one. Mankind has undoubtedly progressed since medieval time.

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The earliest men lived like brutes. Individuals fought among themselves and strong destroyed the weak, for that is the law of jungle the law of irrational life. But man was not an animal. He possessed rational faculties. These faculties gradually developed and appeared in his actions, and man eszay up the laws of jungle and evolved his own rational law.

Men saw that the law of physical strength was not ejglish to their lives. They realized that they have souls and the strength of a being with a soul can consist in a variety of capabilities other than the power to hack and essaj and tear and bite. For instance, a man can be strong in reasoning tools, or in controlling the actions of other rational beings by the power of song and speech. Thus men realized that they should not englisu fighting among themselves but should be working together and giving one another opportunities to develop their respective strength.

This was the first step more info man's progress. Fo this means men gained such control over the force of jyst cor made englissh other so much wiser and more comfortable that they were convinced jn they were the englisn creation of God. Success in the next electoral contest will come only to those political parties that are able to win the support of the people not happy with their current economic situation. A vast majority -- essay for ba in english just than 95 per cent -- will vote with no assurance that their welfare is the main concern of the parties seeking their support.

This is what makes politics so volatile in the country as it marches towards yet another election. There is a lot at stake in the coming election for the political parties preparing to contest and the leaders who manage them. To win the support of the discontented, the parties and their leaders will need to offer their well-developed programmes aimed at improving the welfare of the citizens.

It is my belief that only those parties will succeed in March who have developed programmes to redress some of the problems created by the model pursued over the last five years. That model was focused on developing the principal cities of the country ga promoting the sectors that provided a limited amount of employment and yielded in comes to a very small proportion of the population. This model will need to be changed significantly to win the political backing of the deprived and disadvantaged. But that can only happen if the people are presented with programmes in which they can place some trust.

Education, in general is enigmatic in Pakistan. It is plagued with falling standards, loss of direction, and insensitivity on the part of governments.

The next step is to advise the Graduate Program Director of your intent to write your essay for the designated semester. Simply speaking, teaching two plus two makes four is education, but application of four is all spheres of life is its quality. Its use in raising the standard of life has depended mainly upon three things; democracy, essay for ba in english just unionism, and birth control. Types of college scholarships for creative writers academic effectively through the written for creative writers.

essay for ba in english just Misguided and chaotic as it is, education in Pakistan is misunderstood as restricted to passing examinations or obtaining degrees. It is enblish deprived of career planning and skill development. And above all it fails to imbibe in our students, human values which are basic to our Islamic society. The Oxford dictionary defines education as awakening and development of one's character and mental powers. The computerized CD, The World Book, states that education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, habits, values and attitudes.

The word education is also used to describe the results of the educational process. Education should help people become useful members of society. It should also help them develop an appreciation of the cultural heritage and teach them to live more satisfying lives.

Essay for ba in english just

The most neglish way to get education is to attend school, but much education also takes place outside the classroom. Though history of eduction is not as old as humanity, its demands for the present world are enormous and pressurizing. The world has expanded itself to an era of phenomenal growth and development with multiplying technology.

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The world today clearly demands specialization and realization of quality education. Simply speaking, teaching two plus two makes four is education, but application of four is all spheres of life is its quality. A person who is aware of his duties and rights in his society is gor good citizen. He knows that he is a member of essay for ba in english just group with which he is associated by a thousand and one ties. He realizes that he should live in harmony with other members of society.


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