Essay about the book jane eyre and


The use of 'supernatural' incidents, architecture, and a this web page setting helped to decide this classification for Jane Eyre.

Essay about the book jane eyre and

Many cases exhibited the use of 'supernatural' occurrences. For example, when Jane Eyre was ten years old, she was locked in a room called the 'Red Room' for misbehaving. In this room, it was written that her uncle passed away there.

Because of being told this, Jane Eyre believed that the light she saw float across the wall was her passed away uncle coming to avenge her mistreatment. Shaking my hair from my eyes, I lifted my head abbout tried to look boldly round the dark …show more content… and unexplainable.

The fire in Mr. Buildings constructed under the idea of? Thornfield Hall meets this idea perfectly.

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The structure of Thornfield Hall is large and evasive. Most of the rooms are described as being?

  • What problems does she see in their values?
  • For example, when Bessie sees Jane at Lowood, she is impressed because Jane has become "quite a lady"; in fact, her accomplishments surpass that of her cousins, yet they are still considered her social superiors based solely on wealth.
  • Just as Rochester sought Jane for her freshness and purity, the novel suggests that the upper classes in general need the pure moral values and stringent work ethic of the middle classes.

The amount of land owned by Mr. Rochester isolates Thornfield Hall and compliments the overpowering appearance of the house.

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The architecture and location of Thornfield Hall essay about the book jane eyre and confirm the idea of a desolate setting. Thornfield Hall was located on an extensive amount of land owned by Mr.

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Houses were located a great distance apart and it took a long time to travel from house to house. Visitors usually spent days at houses they were visiting because of the traveling distance. With the setting of a book such as Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre being quite out of reach to other characters, it gives the reader an eerie feeling and allows the imagination to travel when an unusual incident takes place.

How does she represent her own actions? Does the book criticize nad reinforce existing Victorian social prejudices? Emphasizing the corruption, even despotism of the upper classes, Jane's narrative makes her audience aware that the middle classes were becoming the repositories of both moral and intellectual superiority. Compare and contrast some of the characters who serve as foils throughout Jane Eyre: And what right would that ruin have to bid a budding woodbine cover its decay with freshness?

This also occurs when Jane Eyre is traveling through the moors after she leaves Thornfield Hall. The moors were described as an uninhabited and desolate area. With this part of the story taking place at night in this area, the avout is left to… Related Documents Essay on Reflection on Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre Edward Rochester, son of a wealthy land owner, Jane finds herself quite attracted to Rochester.

After some time has past and several obstacles have been overcome, Rochester professes his love for Jane essay about the book jane eyre and unexpectedly and she impulsively agrees to marry him.

Essay about the book jane eyre and

However, their engagement is seen as morally incorrect because of the great difference in their ages. Also, several mysterious events occur in the house prior to the wedding which leave Jane curious and suspicious.

The cause of these events….



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