Essay about london london is the


They also rate the opportunities the UK offers as a place to do business or to study more highly.

Essay about london london is the

In this respect the UK is lucky to have the capital city it does. London is a cultural superpower; its orchestras, theatres, dance companies, opera houses, museums and galleries play a powerful ambassadorial role around the globe. There are broadly two ways London exerts cultural soft power. First, visitors come to the city to enjoy its unsurpassed cultural life.

These cultural tourists spend more than others. The second way London makes its cultural influence felt is through taking arts and culture overseas Esssy second way London makes essay about london london is the cultural influence felt is through taking arts and culture overseas. Five years on, something even more remarkable was happening. An international community enjoyed a cultural event of power and significance. NT Live has been seen by about two million people in the UK since its inception but nearly four million globally.

It is now a presence in 45 countries.

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Every year, the British Museum lends thousands of artefacts around the UK — but also abroad. In —14, the British Museum loaned 2, objects to venues overseas, and crucially this included loans to essay about london london is the nations as Russia, Iran and India, where we need to lay the foundations for long-term friendships.

Or take the case of the Cylinder of Cyrus, the celebrated artefact made in Babylon in BC. This was loaned to the National Museum of Iran in Tehran from September to Apriland was seen by a million people.

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It has also completed a tour of the US and travelled this web page Mumbai, where it drew 80, visitors. Second, we need to ensure that London makes an ever greater cultural contribution to the rest of the nation.

But the glaring omission here is local authority support. Unlike the rest of the UK, this has almost disappeared essay about london london is the the capital. And as London expands east, we need to ensure these new precincts have souls as well as sewers. Nurture young creative talent The creative industries are growing three times faster than our general economy and arts and culture incubate the talent, which feeds into this national asset. As the visual and performing arts are sidelined in some state schools we have a pressing need to discover and enable the next wave of Thomas Heatherwicks, Steve McQueens and Jonathan Ives.

There are now a small number of Saturday morning clubs, funded by Sir John Sorrell and the Arts Council, which give young people with flair the technical drawing skills they need to be designers.

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Here is an idea that could be scaled up for all creative disciplines. Ensure a good supply of affordable space for young creators Art and artists have helped drive here regeneration of large parts of London. The irony is that often they then find themselves priced out. So we need to think how we can ensure that the city can continue to offer affordable space for small creative businesses, as commercial rents continue to rocket.

With air quality now one of the top issues for the Mayoral election next year, perhaps its time is coming. With so much to do, it's hard to narrow down the long list of reasons to visit, but below you'll find our top The strength of these essays is three-fold. First, visitors come to the city to enjoy its unsurpassed cultural life. Short, sharp and focused, the essays throw up some startling facts and raise some potent questions for London.

Meanwhile enlightened new social investment models, bringing with them even more valuable mentoring, are in their infancy but demonstrably effective in helping small creative businesses develop. We need to turbo-charge these. To be a world-leading city London needs world-leading Internet and mobile connections.

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We have to work out how to make this investment. London needs to lead; it enjoys natural advantages and should spread its success and knowledge across the UK, forming stronger national bonds, especially with the regional centres and cities from which we expect future economic growth.

Long-term resilience lies not in isolation, however glorious, but in collaboration. London was built on trade.


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