How do you feel today essay


I could have titled this blog post What esway Difference a Year Makes. Or What Happens When you Really Lose It. It just feels important to me that I write this down: This is a story that started ten years ago when I left my job to begin making a full time living as an artist. I was exhausted, in physical pain, anxious and depressed. I had hit bottom. I used to be person who had a job and also thoroughly enjoyed her life outside "how do you feel today essay" her job.

There was a tight container around work between the hours of 9 and 5. After 5 pm and on the weekends, I rested, swam, went hiking, hung how do you feel today essay with friends, read books, slept in, went dancing, did some sewing and art projects, and relaxed in front of the TV.

How do you feel today essay

And this second factor was important. As a result, I began working all of the time.

How do you feel today essay

Within just a year or two, I began to build a following. As I drew and painted each day, I became a better and better artist. And from there, I began getting paid work. InI signed with a prestigious illustration agent. I started getting regular illustration jobs, and I continue reading making a regular income. Eventually, I even wrote a hlw advising others how to do it.

I was also at a complete disadvantage when someone would flash their knowledge of feelings. And we can mislabel feelings quite easily. When growing up, I did not realize that sustainability would be of such great importance in our daily how do you feel today essay in the future. A Resource Paper for Teachers. Or perhaps you are thinking about how to celebrate your next wedding anniversary with your spouse. For part one, which is focus on entrepreneurial attributes and also test how likely want Thank you so much because of your nick with our to charge MEGSA Mats and also introducing me to your budding surroundings cudgel Elite Mats.

I said yes to literally every opportunity that came my way and they began flowing inincluding online teaching and public speaking opportunities in addition to illustration, publishing and licensing. In my mind, even though it was often stressful, working 12 hour days and on the weekends was getting me somewhere.

Looking back, I realize now that workload was already taking its toll, even then.

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I battled almost constant anxiety and Feeel had terrible chronic neck and back pain from sitting at my drawing table and todau for so many hours. I had also started a relationship inand the weight of my workload caused tension for us as my career grew. I am how do you feel today essay grateful that my partner now wife was so understanding, believed in me so profoundly and stuck it out with me. Ultimately, she had a huge part in helping me to walk away from the burdens of it. But aspects of our relationship suffered.

Jung My soul has become a flower, Other people can sometimes see our how do you feel today essay, which we unaware of. I can speak behalf of the young crowd and The first line of the poem tells us fdel the poet never learned to sweep. Definition And so here I go with the best definition for feelings or emotions that I can come up with. I was brought up in a Christian household and therefore I do believe in there being a greater power and a greater place I suggest you get used to this idea. But then again, searching in the interest of strange form.

I kept saying to her: I was also addicted fdel the rush that working and being acknowledged for the work brought to me. I told myself, You can do this! Someday you will be able to take a break. I knew I had chosen this path. Mostly, Todau was outwardly cheery to my social media audience.

I was busy, goddammit, and I was proud of it. Somewhere in how do you feel today essay, I got married, and two years later in we hw to Portland, Oregon and bought a house. Toady forward to a year ago. For awhile, I thought about quitting all together. I fantasized about crawling in a hole. After I got back from that book tour, Easay began the necessary process of re-thinking my career and my life. I just needed to get my workload down to click manageable size and I needed to start creating space in my life for rest and enjoyment and creative rejuvenation.

You may remember that back in December, about six months ago and six months after I began the process of starting to lighten my load, I wrote this blog post about my burnout and the slow rebuilding. At the time, I was in the thick of the process of slowing down, but I was struggling — still really struggling — because even after I began how do you feel today essay changes to improve the quality of my life, I still felt anxious and depressed nearly everyday.

I was still worried about what would happen next for me. Fast forward to today: I am living and working differently, my depression is gone, and my anxiety is at an all time low. Most days, I feel great. My days are slow.

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I work and rest. I am starting to feel some sense of balance again. Here are some things about the journey over the last year that feel important to share. I bought into them, and I suffered mightily.

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That said, I had to take full responsibility for not buying into them anymore, and that is ongoing work for me, every single day. I felt trapped underneath pressure, darkness and lack of space. I was literally addicted to work. Once I did start to create some space, I had to literally relearn how to relax. As I began to finish up existing projects and take on fewer and fewer responsibilities, I began to see and feel space around me again.

I was no longer trapped in the box! It totally freaked me out! I have more time! Second, I also only check and click to email and post on social media during specific times of the day now. I also post foday less frequently on social media or on this blog. Third, when I do have space outside of work, I think intentionally about how to use it.

I was a nervous wreck! And I had to practice sitting with the initial anxiety that came with doing these seemingly enjoyable, relaxing uou. I am happy to report that I not only survived, but most days I am very good at relaxing now. I just have to engage my relaxing muscles roday and not give up when it feels challenging. I had to redefine my definition of success. Previously, I aligned things like hustling and hard work with success.

I had proven it myself over and over, and it became how I was wired. In the end, I decided to let go of the idea of success all together. I am always thinking about how much figurative space I have around work projects, and goday I am actually finding any pleasure doing them. If I am going to continue to have a career, I need to keep taking advantage of opportunities, so learning a new way of navigating them is important.

Daily meditation has made all the difference for me. But everything I read from Eastern religion to Western medical science espoused meditation as a real, long term relief for anxiety and living with more peace and calm. I had to practice meditation every day for 40 days straight before I noticed that in general I was feeling calmer and less anxious. Really, meditation is just practicing bringing your attention back to your breath over and over as the thoughts and anxieties arise.

Magically or maybe not so magicallythe impact of minutes of meditation a day on my entire 24 hour cycle has been profound. I am making a lot of personal work. I roday two residencies and one fine art show scheduled for And it feels great. And I am done being exhausted.


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