Do you agree or disagree essay on


You should spend 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic: Providing financial aid to the poor can increase poverty.

Do you agree or disagree essay on

To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least words. Sample Answer Poverty has become a pressing problem across the globe.

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Governments in many countries take various measures to control the rising poverty levels. Giving monetary help to the poor is one of the most common methods followed globally.

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But, the effectiveness of this approach is often questioned by social reformers and economists. According to them, this measure can make the situation worse. I completely agree with this view and in this essay I will support my opinion with examples. Firstly, financial support does not provide the poor with a motive to become self-sustained. It seriously damages the spirit of self-development. The fundamental reason behind this is the psychological attitude which it creates in the minds of beneficiaries.

Do you agree or disagree essay on

If someone is getting money for their needs without doing any work, then why they would work. Even if the amount is less, they are willing to click here it.

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Such people resist any kind of change in their way of living. This can be exemplified with unemployment benefit receivers who hardly try to find a suitable employment for themselves.

Another reason why I am against distributing money to the poor is that it affects the overall growth and development of a country. Research has shown that nations where citizens depend on monetary help experience a slow economic growth rate.

This is certainly a natural and lasting way to improve public health. Click here to see a balanced answer. This is useful as a guide to help you in preparation for the test. Firstly, dealing with the issues surrounding obesity and weight problems is best solved by taking a long term approach and introducing more sport and exercise in schools. Providing financial aid to the poor can do you agree or disagree essay on poverty. At the moment, the average child in the West does sport possibly twice a week, which is not enough to counteract their otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

A possible explanation for this could be the skewed distribution of the available funds. Therefore, it can be concluded that this solution creates a vicious cycle of poverty that is extremely hard to break.

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To sum up, any government is responsible to fulfil the basic needs of its people. But, I strongly believe that providing financial help to the poor is not the answer.

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People who love their jobs can easily excel in their fields of work and achieve better results than those, who put salary on the first place. TOEFL Essay Evaluation and Scoring You can now sign up to have your practice essays evaluated and scored by a native speaker. Click here to see an "almost balanced" answer, favouring one side. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Thus, advantages of jobs that keep you satisfied outweigh the drawback of a low salary in a long-term perspective.

This practice should be discouraged. Other measures like skill development programmes, opening aided schools and hospitals, and creating more employment opportunities can yield far better results.


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