Cause and effect essay on social media


Below is an essay on "Effects And Causes Of Addiction Social Networking" causf Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Cause cuase effect essay on social media and causes of Addiction social continue reading The world is an extremely modern place and technology become necessary for people.

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Almost people used communication technology by social networking. Social networking can lead to many serious problems. This essay will examine some possible effects and anf of social networking.

Cause and effect essay on social media

There are many negative effects why most of people become addiction social networking. Firstly, the main effect of not stopping social networking spends too much time at home. As a consequence, many people become passive in living.

Therefore, they might become isolated and have a physical issue. Additionally, people may lose concentration in school or work. For instance, students efffect feel tired in class.

As a result, they do not understand what their teacher taught them. Thus, students can fail examination. All of these negative situations can happen with addition social networking.

As a consequence, many people become passive in living. We know that television and movies can have various effects on us, our lives, mddia our society. Even then, we would not see a lot of pictures and details from the incident. Many people have become addicted to social media and find themselves online way more often than they should. Television is best viewed when it is giving news, not views.

There is cause and effect essay on social media variety of social networking. Firstly, parents should monitor time of their children using social networking at home.

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Consequently, they would control their using time for social networking. Moreover, people should go outside activities.

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For instance, they can go to the gym to exercise with friends. In addition, they can play many popular sports such as swimming, football, basketball and tennis.

All of these possible solutions, people need to pay attention. In conclusion, addiction social networking is a severe issue existing in modern life. Addiction social networking can be negative effects by spending too much time and losing concentration in class or company.

Cause and effect essay on social media

Therefore, it is important that solutions are found. Besides that, parents should


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