Cause and effect essay about weed


GelTab New Member Abouh following is an essay I wrote for my english composition class. The teacher's comment was, "Excellent Paper! I'm just wondering what you guys think. I'm a 20 please click for source old college student majoring in Physical Science.

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I grew xnd in what effext commonly cause and effect essay about weed "the ghetto. Despite that, I was neglected growing up. I ended up joining C. I have used marijuana, cocaine including rock formlsd, methamphetamine, and dxm; just to name a few drugs. I have experienced the effects of drug use first hand. I was not simply an observer, I was a participant. I now choose to abstain from all casue, including alcohol and marijuana. I reserve the inherent right to live my life how I choose, even if that would include using drugs.

A user may not even need to be high to experience that, if the person stands up quickly they weev faint. The free Marijuana research paper The Effects Of Marijuana essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. The teacher's comment was, "Excellent Paper! History of use III.

Anyways, here it is: Drug Prohibition People use drugs for a variety of reasons. Cayse the case of prescription drugs, they are commonly used to treat medical conditions. In the case of illicit drugs, they are used as a substance to alter the user's state of mind. Many prescription and illicit drugs have a high potential for abuse.

Cause and effect essay about weed

They also tend to create psychological and physiological side-effects. Often, people become dependant on the effects of drugs.

  • Pot could decrease libido and fertility in some heavy-smoking men.
  • Many experts also believe that marijuana is physically addictive.
  • Marijuana can have long lasting negative effects on young users who use marijuana.

Along with the side-effects of use, many negative social side-effects ewed occur. Due to these social side-effects, many governments have enacted drug prohibition legislation. Drug prohibition, although a noble cause, creates negative social side-effects in addition to the existing negative side-effects.

Cause/Effect Introduction

Prohibition is designed to protect people from themselves and society from incurring the cost of the side-effects. Despite the illegality of many drugs, people continue to use those drugs.

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With continued dependence, the side-effects prohibitionists seek to eliminate persist. Prohibition creates ans clandestine culture zbout drug users and people that distribute the drugs they use. The people involved with this culture endure a social stigma, a result of actions of the minority and social propaganda. Distribution of prohibited drugs often has a detrimental effect on society.

People usually distribute illegal drugs cause and effect essay about weed of the ability to inflate prices exponentially, due to their illegality. Drug users often distribute drugs as a means to support their dependency. Distribution syndicates form to create elaborately structured distribution networks.

These syndicates compete with each other, often using violence to obtain supremacy over their competitors.

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Violence and crime are themes commonly associated with the drug culture. Drug related violence is [more often than not] a side-effect of prohibition. People involved with the drug culture aren't the only victims. Society as a learn more here is a victim of drug related violence.

Around the United States there has been talk about legalizing medical marijuana by the public. Though the amount of tobacco consumed by the cigarette smoker is a lot higher than the amount of marijuana a chronic smoker will inhale, the harmful ingredients in marijuana are a lot higher than the amount in tobacco, causing a similar effect on the lungs. Medical cannabis has many benefits, but it also You could develop lung cancer or a dangerously low blood pressure.

For example, theft is often used as a means to support a user's abour habit. From robbery to burglary, desperate users will resort to many means to satisfy their needs. Distribution related violence is even more devastating to society. When distribution competitors resort to violence, they often employ careless tactics. Innocent bystanders become victims of those careless tactics. These innocent victims aren't only being victimized by violence.

They often have to live in neighborhoods where drug distribution is common, enduring the consequences. People living in high volume distribution communities are often unable effrct escape their plight. Due to impoverished conditions, distribution is common in many low-income communities. Distribution cause and effect essay about weed in the form of gangs, plague low-income communities. The existence of gangs in low-income communities often deters people from reporting their activities, in fear of retaliation. This also holds true for other distribution syndicates. This is a major reason why many syndicates are large and powerful.

The effects of prohibition are detrimental to society. Even though the legislations enacted have good intent, they simply do weeed work effectively.

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People continue to satisfy their dependence, despite laws prohibiting their lifestyle choices. An intermediate to prohibition exists, it's only a matter of discovering what that intermediate is. On the other hand; maybe one day propagandizing prohibition will prove to be effective, but at present it is not.


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