Painting over brown paper bag walls


By THAT Painter Lady 3 Comments Have you ever gone into a store or other commercial space and noticed a great faux finish on the wall?

Most of the time you can figure out what products or colors were used… but sometimes you might be stumped. How did they do that?

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I got a great question from one of my readers and she is stumped. I set out to research and find all the answers to her questions. When I was paying my telephone bill yesterday, I noticed a beautiful painting paintint brown paper bag walls in the building, with all different colors, and it looked to have a somewhat metallic finish. They weren't sure what it was called, but they said it involved applying pieces of paper and painting over them?

Painting over brown paper bag walls

I have done many types of faux painting, but I've never heard of this one. The wall was gorgeous, and I kept picturing what it would look like with a combination of harvest colors. Do you know of any type of technique involving the use of paper?

What was I going to do with that wall? For heavier papers such as brown bags or craft paper torn into large pieces, wallpaper paste is paintiing suitable option. One great thing I did was similar to dry brush over the bags directly with eggshell and it gave a great look. Cover small projects with diluted Mod Podge, larger projects with thinned varnish.

By the way, they said something about painting the entire wall "blue" first, and then applying these pieces of colored paper and painting over them. I'm imagining the paper to be the consistency of tissure paper. Isn't this a great question?

More pieces of tissue are added, overlapping each time, until the entire wall is coated in painted tissue paper. I suggested to my husband that we start looking for a barn that someone might give us, so we could cover that wall with barn wood. Is was the latex fast drying poly. So I salvaged about 4 or 5 of them, as fragile as they were, and took about 50 various pages and did the same, applying them to the left entry wall, that leads to the downstairs. I just used the same things as I used with the brown paper bag wall treatment. I found two great torn tissue papered wall tutorials here: One great thing I did was similar to dry brush over the bags directly with eggshell and it link a great look.

First lets imagine some of the techniques that might be confusing from this description. Yes, you can use brown paper bags, wallpaper, newspaper, copy paper or tissue paper… tissue is the most common.

Specialty tissue is available with a shiny side that does keep the glaze from soaking in. If you are using a faux finish over the top of tissue, this might be necessary.

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I am sure this technique required a blue based wall, but without knowing the exact technique used, I don't know why it would be necessary. You might use torn tissue paper for two reasons: Create a texture on your walls or to camouflage some minor damage.

Painting over brown paper bag walls

Colored tissue would leave you with sticking colorful overlaps that couldn't be repeated with a oveg finish. But… colored tissue tends to bleed, so test… test… test. For a metallic finish… of course you could use a soft brush and dry brush on a metallic glaze, just on the high spots.

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I can see a wall filled with deep plum, cranberry, logan green and ultramarine blue. Then highlighted with gold. I found two great torn tissue papered wall tutorials here: McCloskey's has a great tutorial for Tissue Paper Walls Here is another set of instructions for "Painting pinting brown paper bag walls" 'Plique Let me know if I can help any more.


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