Selecting a topic for a research paper


Erin Mooney Last Updated: You want a focused topic that will make here good paper.

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Here are some things to consider: Make sure your topic meets the assignment requirements. Ask your professor for feedback if you are unsure. Choose a topic that is interesting to you.

  • Ask your family, friends, and coworkers for their thoughts on the similarities between your coursework and your goals.
  • Complete your paper by focusing upon the skills you can develop in the assignment that will be relevant to your future goals.
  • You decide to focus upon excellent organization as you develop the paper.

Researcch may seem obvious, but this will make the research process more fun and engaging for you. Consider the scope of your topic.

In addition, this example makes a firm statement that can be argued and supported. You can also ask a librarian at the Library Service Desk. If you compare the following example with the previous step, you might notice how the context of decomposition moves from just a generalized process of decomposition to a particular process that involves household waste. At the end of the timed period, the student will peruse his list for patterns of consistency. Perhaps even interview someone who exemplifies who you want to be selecting a topic for a research paper the future for advice. Narrowing Down Your Topic During the first three steps, you chose a topic.

If your topic is too broad it may be hard to find information that is focused and relevant; if your topic is too narrow it may be hard to find any information at all. Background research will help you develop your topic and hone or change it in more appropriate ways. Selceting this seems like extra work, it is actually a vital, time-saving step. Knowing more about your topic's background can only help you develop a more effective topic, and therefore, research paper.

Once you think of a broad topic that interests you, try to brainstorm all of the words or concepts you can that might be related to that topic. For example, if your fof is "polar bears," you might think of the following words and topics in association: It may help to write this process down.

Develop a research question. Once you have come up with a broad topic and done some background research, ropic may want to develop a research question, or a question you're going to answer in fog paper by doing more, in-depth research. What's your general approach to the topic?

Think about some general approaches that may help you further develop your topic: Start doing some exploratory, in-depth research. As you do more in-depth research, like source for scholarly articles, books, and other sources to include in your paper, you can and probably will modify or refine your topic based on what continue reading find.

Selecting a topic for a research paper

Research is a dynamic process. Don't be afraid to discover new things and modify or refine your topic. The topic development process will help you to develop your thesis, which is essentially your proposed researcb to your research question.

Research is a dynamic process. Choosing a Topic Read How Trying to decide what to write can be difficult and frustrating. This might mean that you need to ask others to help you find these points of researfh. Be a lot more specific about your topic - "e. Develop a research question. Do not feel limited to only what you have learned in your course unless, of course, you are instructed to do so. Do you have an opinion about the issues involved?

You researcch then be ready to use the sources you've found, and find more sources in order to support that thesis, or to answer your research question. Here's an example of how the topic development process above can lead you to a thesis: Resources that can help you develop your topic: Your instructor, course readings, class notes, Wikipedia, and Google can all be helpful in terms of getting ideas for broad topics for further, in-depth research using more scholarly resources.

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A Research Guide for a particular subject created by a subject librarian is great for helping you choose where to begin your research. These online guides will identify encyclopedias, books, databases, and other materials to help you get hopic with research in your chosen academic field.

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You can also ask a librarian at the Library Service Desk. Library resources like CQ Researcher and subject-specific encyclopedias can help you come up with topic ideas because they provide great overviews and introductions to topics. These will probably not be scholarly sources you can use in your paper, but they may lead reseatch to more in-depth, scholarly resources that you will want to use in your paper.

Selecting a topic for a research paper

Check out this video from NCSU Libraries: Thanks go to the Portland State University Library for sharing their Library DIY idea with us!


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